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    Email Verification Software and Blacklisting

    Thank you all for your help! You have given me plenty to consider and some good insights on how to go about resolving this problem.
  2. Hello, I've been asked by my company's management to find a way to verify that the e-mail addresses we have in our customer service database are valid. This is quite a high number of addresses that we've accumulated over the years. It would not make sense to send individual e-mails to such a high number (thousands) of recipients. As a result, I've been looking into e-mail verification software like the ones found here: http://www.deskshare.com/sev.aspx http://www.nehuenmultimedia.com.ar/html/evalidate.html My fear in using something like this is my company being blacklisted as a spammer. Can anyone tell me conclusively if using software like this would/could result in blacklisting? This software apparently does not send e-mails to the addresses, but queries the SMTP server instead to determine authenticity. On the surface, this seems unintrusive enough, but I am not knowledgeable enough to make that assumption. Please help. Thanks!
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    Email Verification Software and Blacklisting

    Thanks for the suggestions/thoughts thus far. I just found something on one of the software companies' support forums to the same question I posed here. Here's what their response was: I replaced the application's name with "<software name>." What are your thoughts on their response? Thanks.