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  1. I am having a problem using TLS with my SPAMCOP account. Using straight SSL on port 995 usually works OK. However, using TLS on port 110 is a hit or miss proposition. Here are two logs of my attempts to download mail using TLS. [This is a successful connection] * Connecting to POP3 server: mail.spamcop.net... [13:17:11] POP3< +OK Hello there. [13:17:11] POP3> STLS [13:17:11] POP3< +OK Begin SSL/TLS negotiation now. [13:17:19] POP3> USER beerstud[at]spamcop.net [13:17:19] POP3< +OK Password required. [13:17:19] POP3> PASS ******** [13:17:19] POP3< +OK logged in. [13:17:19] POP3> STAT [13:17:19] POP3< +OK 0 0 [13:17:19] POP3> QUIT [13:17:19] POP3< +OK Bye-bye. [13:23:04] IMAP4> 21 NOOP [This is a failure] :angry: :angry: :angry: * Connecting to POP3 server: mail.spamcop.net... [14:09:57] POP3< +OK Hello there. [14:09:57] POP3> STLS [14:09:57] POP3< -ERR TLS support not available. *** couldn't start TLS session *** Error occurred while processing mail. I am using claws-mail on a FreeBSD-6.3 machine, although that should not make any difference. If it works one time, it should work all the time.
  2. Gerard

    Automating SPAM reporting

    Are you aware that I have already inspected the email prior to submitting it to SpamCop? I believe it is quite obvious that you failed to comprehend my original post. The fallacy with SpamCop is that a user has to both submit an email to SpamCop and then visit the SpamCop site to facilitate the email's being processed. Double the work for zero gain. If I was using some automated spam detection program such as Amavised-new for example, that would be different. However, since I am not, having to go through the trouble of both sending and then authorizing the processing of each message is a real pain. It is for that very reason that I was using 'spamcup.pl' to automate the process. Unfortunately, it is presently broken and the author is not gong to fix it to the the low volume of users.
  3. I use both WinXP and FreeBSD-6.2 operating systems. On the FBSD system, I had a utility program called" spamcup' installed. It is a perl scri_pt that when it is run will access the SPAMCOP site and report any email that is waiting there to be reported automatically. Since I report a great deal of spam, it is a real time savings. Unfortunately, the author is no longer updating this program. Therefore, it is not working with SPAMCOP any longer. I was wondering if there is a perl programmer who might be willing to look at the program. Either that, or perhaps someone can suggest a similar program that can get the job done. Spamcup is available at: https://sourceforge.net/search/?type_of_sea...p;words=spamcup Thanks! -- Gerard