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    [Resolved] Ask for help

    Jeff, petzl, Wazoo! Thank you very much for your answers and assistance! Jeff, i didn't read e-mail messages sent to listed addressess. These e-mails owned by our provider's administrators and they didn't reroute SpamCop messages to me. Hope I'll take hot-fix from our local Microsoft support team next week and apply it as soon as possible. With best wishes, Dmitry Boolychev
  2. Dmitry Boolychev

    [Resolved] Ask for help

    Dear sir or madam! Our IP ( was recently listed in your database. We're fully understanding the reasons of it (NDR's problem with Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5), agreed with existance of problem and have read your tips about this problem fixing. But process of taking hot-fix for our mail server takes some time during whom our company will bear losses because of impossibility normal using e-mails. We are commercial company, our activity is based on generally accepted Internet laws only, so we don't send spam to nobody and in no case. Therefore we ask you to make exception for us and delist our IP. In turn we promise to take hot-fix and apply it as soon as possible. Thank you in advance, Dmitry Boolychev
  3. Dmitry Boolychev

    My domain listed in SpamCop

    Ellen, Wazoo: thank you very much! Yours advice are really useful for me. I had looked through security log of my server this morning and detected the sourсe of problem - user 'test' with guest permissions and with no password. Now I have disabled this account and I think it helps me to stop sending spam mail through my server. Thank you all very much again! Sincerely yours, Dmitry V.Boolychev
  4. Dmitry Boolychev

    My domain listed in SpamCop

    Dear sirs and madams, I'm totally bewildered... My mail domain (IP, MS Exchange 5.5 SP3) is listed in SpamCop for third time and I even don't understand why. I can give a guarantee that my mail server doesn't work as open relay and my users never sent any e-mail which can be estimate as spam. At least any of them didn't send any message with subject like 'save money', 'pa.. at' (see http://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=blcheck&ip= I really don't know what must I do to settle this situation, so I want ask you to HELP ME. Thank you in advance! Dmitry V.Boolychev