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  1. I have received a few e-mails from this company. I noticed this morning the URL was a little different. instead of emailmarketingassociates, it was theemailadvertisingcompany. Actually, I have been very successful at getting spammers shut down. The trouble is, they just open a new website and transfer their files over to it. Takes about 10 minutes and they are back in business! In order to get them shut down, it takes a lot of guts. You have to spam the FTC. OMG! Did that actually come out of my mouth? When I get several identical spams, I forward them all to spam[at]uce.gov. That gets their attention and you can normally depend on the website being closed in a day or so. Of course, you should send the FTC a letter of apology explaining that you were totally frustrated and did not know how else to get their attention ... and that you had asked the spammer to stop to no avail, ... and that you have received hundreds of identical SPAMs with fake return addresses, misleading subjects, no means to unsubscribe, and no physical address. Also, I have found if the web site has a geocities URL, Yahoo is excellent in closing them pronto! Just forward it to geo-alert[at]cc.yahoo-inc.com. Make sure when you forward to Yahoo or FTC you include full headers. Also at http://www.mindworkshop.com/alchemy/nospam.html you will find some unique ways to deal with spammers. I stop at sending them a box of spiders, though. LOL. If you look up the URL on http://www.who.is/ and forward the spam to anyone you can find in the listing, you can get a lot of action from the servers and registrars. Look for the server's e-mail address by their URL in whois, too. I have found sometimes it helps to tell the spammer (after you have found the real e-mail address in whois) that since they like spam so much you will be willing to list them on 300 bulk mailing lists. There are a few suggestions for you, anyhow! I wish someone would come up with a neat buzzword for "spammers". "Spammers" seems so docile for the scumbags they really are. kreativeconcepts.com