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  1. I'm looking for an example of a particular spam. It has a subject of "See the oprah show on us live" and came from The envelope-from is <theoprahshow[at]brattymoose.com> There were delivery attempts from about 18:12 to about 20:40 US Eastern (-0400) on 2007-04-12. This particular message has something in it that crashes a Lotus Domino server in the middle of the SMTP connection. If I had a copy of the message, unfiltered by any virus checking, I could possibly figure out what it is, and I could open a trouble report with IBM. Reporting this problem will help not just me, but all users of Notes and Domino worldwide. Of course, since it crashes the server, I don't have my own example. (The crash is in the TNEF to RTF converter, so this message may have a malicious winmail.dat attachment.) If you've got a copy, please send it as an attachment to bbrown(at)spsu(dot)edu