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    Request to Remove from your database

    My inbound mailflow is as follows mx records points to a third party spam provider (they must be running AVG) My firewall only allows inbound connections on port 25 from the specific IPS of the thirdparty spam solution My firewall now only allows outbound connections on port 25 and the exchange server appears to be clean Also, all computers were turned off last night so I would interested in knowing the last 12 hour logs. I'm really sorry for screwing up my posting, wow, I would vote for buttons that say "blacklisted removal" not blocklist since since that usually refers to ISP providers which I doubt post a resolution this way. Either way, I admit I'm wrong and dont want to argue about this anymore. Enjoy your day,
  2. MailAdmin@snaptvgames.com

    Request to Remove from your database

    [Thank You everyone for your help and I apologize for not posting in the correct place. Im a smart guy, so maybe the links or verbage should be modified so I know where to post next time. I still have not found the culprit, but thank you for the useful information and sites. Jeff
  3. I have made changes on the network belonging to which is snaptvgames.com Can you please review your most current logfiles for any problems from this IP and if none are found, please remove it from your database. Thank You in advance, Jeff jbagge[at]itbyjb.com for snaptvgames.com