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    Stop Spammers With A Secure Contact Form

    Ok, you've made your point, I never would've guessed, and you definitely know how to read html...(which is pretty cool) Please let me start again. So would this have been better then? (clearing throat) Hi all, I came across a great scri_pt (a product of Joel Comm who is the author of "The Adsense Code", a New York Times Best Seller) which is used to make your site's contact form secure and stops spammers cold! Go check it out here: 1) http://mycontactstation.blogspot.com (affiliate link, and I'm sorry for not using the full and original affiliate link, which doesn't seem to work here ) 2) http://www.mycontactstation.com/promo/ (non affiliate link) Please tell me/us what you think of it. Thanks! Best regards, Robert
  2. Dutchblogger

    Stop Spammers With A Secure Contact Form

    Ok, sorry 'bout that, I actually thought you had some kind of...strange habit or something...my bad It's actually a RAGE? Who would've guessed..., but then again, spammers use every opportunity they see! Just to be clear, I am not a spammer. Seriously. That could be, but it's realy all about the product. I just didn't want to send you directly to a 'sales page' (and I just have all these lenses ) Regards, Robert Ps. Thanks for not putting it in the hidden spam folder (yet?)
  3. Dutchblogger

    Stop Spammers With A Secure Contact Form

    Hello there Admin, I see you're good in reading web-page code listings ..., but perhaps you'd better just visit Joel Comm's site (btw. do you even know him?) for more info instead of looking at some html codes? Obviously you're not formiliar with Squidoo either, or else you wouldn't check it's tags and...sidebar offers by squidoo for more info...in html And didn't I say that I am nót using the scri_pt? So I don't know what you're looking for anyway...other then the fact that you're looking for a direct link? Try www.mycontactstation.com Besides, I am also 100% confident the scri_pt works just fine, if not, try the helpdesk...or you'll just get your...$7.- back from Joel...he realy couldn't care less. Again, only 'visible' in html, 'cause I don't see it anywhere on the page. (What the peep are you looking for???) Yeah, thé link + some more links + image URL's + some bookmark and rss feed buttons, including links and again the image URL's...my my... Seriously, are you realy reading sites like that (...sorry) Regards, Robert Ps. If you're realy fighting the urge to simply move this to a hidden spam folder at this point ....please, be my guest/admin, but I'm sure there are some readers who will appreciate something like "My Contact Station"..., but then again, those are just MY 2 cents.
  4. Hi all, I'm Robert and am totally new here...and I am not sure where to post this thread since nobody is talking about "My Contact Station" from Joel Comm, so I thought I'd better start my own thread So as I was checking the posts here if anyone was talking about a secure contact form, I discovered nobody was... This may indicate 2 things: 1) Nobody needs one or 2) Nobody knows about this secure contact scri_pt I therefor hope that I don't come across 'spammy' or something like that, as this is my first post and I'm only here to find more info on anybody who is using this scri_pt and if not that it may be of any help for others who do need one. Ok, the scri_pt is not something I use myself, simply because I don't need one, but I made this 'squidoo lens' about it just because I like to make lenses and blogs... That's what I do So, if anyone's interested or in need of a secure contact form, try my lens for more info: http://www.squidoo.com/My-Contact-Station I also might ad that this scri_pt is not free, but álmost (just $7.-) Hope this may be of any help to anybody, and if not...please simply ignore this thread, thanks. Regards, Robert