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  1. Some of the servers seem to be working now. Others are still showing errors, but just deleting and then re-adding the last character of a password on the POP configuration screen and pressing "Modify" seems to re-start it.
  2. I have to say, after years of trouble-free operation, this is two big Spamcop outages in a couple of weeks for me, and I understand this coincides with some kind of business takeover. I get really really bad vibes when that happens as I have had a few bad experiences with hosting / ISP companies in the UK who were so good they got bought up, and after the merger their service became absolute pants. I really hope this is not what is happening here...
  3. Yes I am fetching from 4 POP3 accounts, 3 are showing "cannot contact server" and one says "invalid password" - and all have an error count of between 40 and 70. Those accounts are on a couple of different UK networks so it looks like Spamcop has forgotten how to fetch UK mail.
  4. No POP3 mail here either, on Zen in the UK. It's not being fetched into Spamcop by the look of it, as I can go to the native POP3 servers and download it directly (spam and all). Had something similar a couple of weeks ago when the mail *was* being fetched into Spamcop but couldn't access any spamcop web addresses to fetch it to my Outlook - apparently that was down to a DNS problem but this seems different.
  5. Spamcop was popping the other accounts OK but wouldn't let me download them to Outlook. There were no errors listed in the Configure Servers panel for me either, but unless it was a coincidence, deleteing and re-entering them all has fixed it.
  6. Having deleted all the POP3 accounts from Spamcop, I put one of them back in again, and mail started flowing again, so I added all the rest and all now seems well. The full text of the error message is something along the lines of "timed out waiting for a response from the [spamcop] server". I'm only guessing but possibly when there is some sort of network outage at the Spamcop end, it's not sending out the correct "everything's OK again" message afterwards. That's what it looks like anyway.
  7. Inexplicably over the last few days I've had a few occasions where my Outlook won't receive mail and gives this error message. Usually restarting the computer fixes it, but not on this occasion. Have disabled firewall and rebooted router to no avail. There is mail waiting, I can see it in webmail, and other "receives" from other POP mail accounts are working OK, I only get this problem fetching from Spamcop. I've got the server timeout set to 5 minutes. Are there any network problems at the moment or is there something else I should try? Cheers Martin EDIT: I've now had to delete all my POP3 mail fetching from within the Spamcop Options area, as it's fetching the mail from my POP3 servers on various ISPs but I just can't get it to come down into Outlook. I've had to forward copies of all waiting mail back to another address using Spamcop webmail. Any ideas on how to get mail flowing again most welcome.
  8. Very odd. As nobody else seemed to be having problems I closed Outlook and restarted it, now, it's receiving messages from Spamcop OK (1 of 35... 2 of 35....) looks like it will be a late finish today! Haven't a clue what happened there. All other Outlook send and receives were working fine. Strange one, but seems sorted now.
  9. I have a load of valid mail sitting in my Spamcop mailbox since about 10am UK time today which is not coming down to my local Outlook mailbox, Outlook is timing out - is something broken?
  10. the_prof

    German pump and dump

    A new one on me. Seems to me a lot of this getting through the Spamcop filters and into my inbox the past week or so. Reporting as much as I can but the tide seems never-ending! Some new virus or malware out there I guess...?