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    scripting reporting of held email

    i am in fact just loading and parsing the heldlog page, to do a 'Quick' report of lines like this: [259259] jbfwocvvbdrchv[at]hosanna.net (°£´ÜÇÑ ¼³¹®¿¡ Âü¿©Çýô ¸ðµçºÃ¿¡°Ô °øÂ¥·Î ÃÖ½ÅÈÞ´ëÆùÀ» µå¸³´Ã´Ù. Preview ) so, my scri_pt is doing what i would do myself, but saving me from having to visually wade through all that garbage, which runs to about 70% of the reports and threatens to bury false positives. (not that i have seen one in a year or more.)
  2. sweetreason

    scripting reporting of held email

    i wasn't able to find anything relevant in FAQs, help, or the forums, though that does not mean it isn't there. i'm not using any back-end stuff, just the same web page that i use when manually checking held email. my scri_pt loads and analyzes that page, then posts a list of emails to report and delete, just as i would do manually. that works fine, except for the 100-item limit. is this discussed in some place that i failed to find?
  3. spamcop catches several hundred spams for me each day. most of them are in CJK languages which i can't even display properly, let alone read, so i run a cron job that loads my held email page and reports messages with more than ten non-ASCII characters in the subject. that makes it much easier for me to read the list. on weekends when i go away, the 100-message limit is quickly reached, and i have a lot of unreadable junk to handle when i return. is there, or could there be, a way to tell the held email page to start at a particular message, or to skip some given number of them? that way, my scri_pt could avoid reloading the messages it has already seen, and could report all the bad ones all weekend long. thanks.