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  1. Thanks a lot for the links and explanations you gave me. The "how to send Out Of Office replies only to known correspondents" is nice to use, I'll check it and try to use it later. I checked on dnsstuff site before to verify if we are blacklisted anywhere else or not, but according to them, we are not blacklisted, that's why I was surprised to still recieve thoses kind of replies. But Thanks a lot to everyone who took time to help me.
  2. Hello Ok, because my IP address has been delisted 2 days ago, that's why I'm surprised to still be "a spammer" Today I'm off, but if it's always like this on Monday, I'll contact their administrators to ask them. Thanks a lot to everyone.
  3. Hello So, if I've really understand, my ip address has been added on the server (or "anti-spam" tool) of the correspondant list as blacklisted by SpamCop, that's why when we tried to send him/her a mail, we are immediatly reject and then, recieved this message ? If yes, this became kinda diffucult, but thanks for explanations
  4. I don't know why there are also some mails that we cannot send... I still have this error message but when I'm checking the checkblock on SpamCop site, my IP has been delisted...
  5. I'm posting this message to make my little feedback First, my company's IP has been delisted and here, I got to thanks all the member from this forum who helped me. Then, thanks a lot to the deputies who also helped me a lot, with the informations she gave me, it was very helpful, thanks again. Sincerely, I don't know how much thanks would be necessary, but THANKS to all the people who helped me because I was in a seriously urgent, because email are vital for us. (last) THANKS Alain.
  6. oh ok thanks a lot to everyone. I'm trying and will tell you what's happen. Thanks again
  7. Thanks to all the members that helped me. I'm currently in contact with the deputies and they told me to turn off the "the OoO replies" but I don't know what are thoses replies.
  8. Okay, actually, we are just waiting because I stopped all automatic replies, so normally it's ok, but I don't know why SpamCop checkblock system make me fear, because I don't know why, time is strange, sometimes increased, sometimes decrease in a 2 secondes laps... I'm really lost, I sent an email to "deputies" as Telarin advises me, just waiting for their replies Thanks a lot for helps
  9. Thanks a lot Telarin for you explaination. GraemeL, yes, we are assosiated with intrinsec which are our service company. But I tried to contact them for this problem, we are both trying to resolve the problem I really don't know what's wrong, because I desactived all the automatic replies from the server... btw, it's kinda strange because when I'm checking again, it's telling me that only 17 hours, but at the first check, it's 23 hours
  10. Okay, I'll send a mail to ask them. Thanks for the mail. Well, in fact, I desactived the "Out of Office" service for now, because there isn't a lot of people who are using it. I'll perhaps retry to configure it later... my first priority is to be delete from SpamCop database because it's really annoying to be blacklisted. Thanks for the tips, I'll check it later, but like I said lately, my first priority is to be able to resend mails to all the partners. Thanks ok, but in all cases, thanks a lot. I would like to know, how did you obtain this mail ? thanks I had a qmail server, but the connexion has been broken there was 1 month... Is there any way to know if I'm still on this qmail ? Thanks Is it correct if when I'm checking in the "checkblock" that the "in approximately 20 hours" is reducing ? because this morning (in france), when I'm checking, the time was strange, like when I'm checking for the first time, it' said "in approximately 23 hours" then for the second time, it said "in approximately 22 hours" (the time decreased) and to finish "in approximately 23 hours" (the time increased) is it means that it's ok if the time isn't decreasing and increasing strangly ? Thanks and thanks again
  11. Thanks you Derek T but how could I process ? sorry but I never meet something like this, so I don't know how to do it. thanks again
  12. I have just desactivated : Image ht tp://img100.imageshack.us/img100/3392/img2op4.jpg Allow "Out of office" replies Allow Automatic replies Allow Automatic transfert Do you think it's enough ? My first priority is to be white listed from SpamCop database, I don't care if the "out of office" service don't work for now In all cases, thanks a lot
  13. yes, Microsoft Outlook Exchange 2003
  14. Hello First, thanks you to answer, because it's really urgent for me. To be honnest, we are using an "out of office" service and we need it, so I'm really interesed if someone could teach me how to configure the server. By following the FAQ to http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...kb;en-us;294757 : is it enough if I'm doing it ? and when I'm on this window, I got several things like : Image ht tp://img239.imageshack.us/img239/7551/imgms7.jpg 1 : Allow out of office replies 2 : Allow automatic replies 3 : Allow automatic tranfert 4 : Allow delivery repport 5 : Allow no-delivery repport 6 : Conversed expeditor name in the message Which ones should I pick and not pick Thanks a lot
  15. Hello First, I'm not really good in english because I'm from France, so sorry if you can't understand me at all Then, I'm sorry if I've posted in the wrong section Well, since several days, my company's mail server IP adress (which is has been listed in your database, but I can't understand enough things on your website to correct what's wrong in the server. We are using Microsoft Outlook Exchange My company isn't a spammer company, and by the way, we use email really often, so it's really annoying for us to have this problem. Each time my collegues try to send mails to some partners, we got this kind of message : And when I'm trying to see what's happen by connecting me on your website, I got it : I really need help from you, because it's becoming really urgent for me. Thanks a lot