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    Ignore an user (sorry for FireFox only)

    i kinda thought this was associated. in answer to your point though have you seen their support board?? i would say 'lotsa luck' if you did. i've seen riots that have been better organised. there's nothing there that's in any way co-ordinated. i was interested in here because you had the version of the ignore you had (as do they) and you guys seem to know what you're doing. i'm not worried about the risk. i was in IT myself and have been using the net since 97. i have other machines to test the extension out on so i'll happily be your mr.guinea pig if you find anything (squeak). risk is a part of life and a part of using the internet. so chillax compadre and bring forth the ignorotron
  2. snifferboy

    Ignore an user (sorry for FireFox only)

    for some reason the program refuses to work with my version of firefox ( ). i get an error message saying that it only works with versions 0.9 to 1.0+. what the + means is anybody's guess. it certainly doesn't seem to mean greater than version 1 or mine would work. anyone know if they're gonna update this puppy?