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  1. Merlyn: The moensted.dk link is what revealed to me that the site was spamming in the first place, as the other list that checked "147 blacklists" had it coming up clean. Not until I checked the firewall IP did I notice any issues. I saw that greeting card spam link, but I somehow can't catch it with symantec corporate virus scan with current definitions? What gives? I guess I should be asking how do I catch the greeting card spam machine, then? It is not coming up on the virus scan, so I must need stronger scanning software? I've seen mailer-type virii picked up by symantec corporate in the past, so I was hoping that would be the case with this one, I guess I'm wrong? This is how the network looks: { internet } ---> [firewall ...34] ---> [e-mail server] the e-mail server is publicly .35, but it receives traffic through the firewall, that redirects to the server based on it coming in on, port 25, 80, etc. Let me see if I can find a specific "storm worm" fix, then, maybe I have been looking at this all wrong.
  2. is the address of the mail server (comes up clean) is the address of the pix firewall isp (nuvox) had some storm worm a week or so ago, so they were blocked in all directions does this help any? i did symantec virus scan on all workstations/servers 3 came up with something, and i cleaned those three (this was a week ago) there is nothing coming up yesterday or today so, basically, i need to consult with the isp again?
  3. This is not the IP of the mail server, but our mail is blocked, why?