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    Amazing reduction in Spam

    I received a lot of spams in the past but they were 'acceptable'. Since subscribing to Spamcop the quantity is rising day by day. I have noticed that most of the spams are duplicates...upwards of 8 from the, apparently, same sender. At present I am dealing with an average of 200 spams per day. It is unfeasable for me to sit and send each one through SpamCop so, now, I am reduced to merely deleting and bouncing each one. Am I right in thinking that if I report a particular spam to SpamCop that there is a chance that the spammer/s may deduce my email address?..and is that why my spam is multiplying? I realise that bouncing is probably not bouncing it to the original sender but what else should I do? In short, I am a wee bit disappointed in what I expected from SpamCop.