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  1. Never mind... I just tried again to add my frontiernet.net account and this time it worked. Thx, Juan
  2. For the most part I have completed the mailhost configuration for my email accounts... I am just having problems adding an email account from frontiernet.net... I go to "Add new hosts" and it tells me it will send a message to mx.frontiernet.net, but I never get such mail. Any ideas? Thx, Juan
  3. I decided to give this a try and so far I am having a couple of problems... 1. I have tried to add an email address on frontiernet.net with no luck, the system tells me that one email has been sent to mx.frontiernet.net but I never receive it. 2. I added a juno.com account to my mailhosts and not it thinks my spamcop email forwards to Juno. And also my SpamCop mailhost shows my juno.com email instead of my spamcop.net one. I will try to re-register my spamcop.net email to see if that fixes this problem. I will continue playing with this and report later...