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    Help with blocked IP

    Thank you Will. I had a hunch that may have been the case because I had escalated it to the top level of my cable provider (coincidentally my phone, same cable/voip provider, kept cutting off while I was on hold!) and if it happens again, I'll definitely be more persistent with them.
  2. north_carolina

    Help with blocked IP

    - My outgoing e-mail server is mail.coast2coastbusiness.com (I use MS Outlook) I was on the phone all day yesterday, calling up the different players: cable provider, ISP, and my business web hosting. Once again they all say they do not even use Spamcop so they don't know why my e-mail was blocked. I reviewed my router settings with them and did checks on two computers (the other two are off, one has been for the last month and the other has been off since Monday.) The one that was off since Monday, I am now told by my teenager, was because it kept having a blue screen on bootup. I'm inclined to think this may have been caused by viruses, trojans, malware and could have been the culprit all along. I plan to turn off the router, reformat the hard drive, reinstall Windows, then run the Spybot, Adaware, etc. I am still stumped as to why all of my outgoing e-mail was being blocked when my cable provider, ISP, and webhosting company as they all say they don't use Spamcop? Thanks for everyone's suggestions, I do appreciate it. Hopefully this is the end to the nightmare. Yes Wazoo, my e-mail began working late yesterday afternoon, about 36 hours or so after being notified that I was blocked. All these explanations seem to border on educated guessing about my web host using an old cached something or other to block me. Why did it happen Saturday then again on Monday? I could see if I was sending "spew" - love the jargon btw - from an address and users who use spamcop reject my e-mail, but to arbitrarily reject all my outgoing legitimate e-mail is far far beyond acceptable. Seems like spamcop has faulty programming. And fyi, seems that you've never taken a MCP. Unless I was a MCSE I wouldn't have taken anything related to mail servers, Exchange servers, etc., my test covered networking with workstations, servers, and enterprise networks, so you can get off that rant now as it's getting old. I only said that as some people were implying that I didn't even know how to run a virus scan, that's all.
  3. north_carolina

    Help with blocked IP

    Thanks Steve, yes I imagine it was cached (although 12 hours longer than the stated "24 hours" is a long time). I am still getting the runaround from all involved. I am on hold with Time Warner, but they are saying the IP is an Earthlink IP, but Earthlink is saying the IP is assigned via Time Warner. So I'm trying to get a hold of someone who can for sure tell me why my IP is being blocked. All are denying that they use Spamcop so I can't tell you from where I'm receiving the message. The "From" Address just says "System Administrator" and it's only affecting the one e-mail account that I use for my business, which is separate from my Earthlink account but behind the same router and cable box (thus the same IP). Like I mentioned, I can understand if no e-mail worked because of my IP being blocked, but I am able to send e-mails via Earthlink but not my other account which uses my domain name as the smtp server. No, I don't have an Exchange server, just a regular e-mail client setup. Sorry if I sound grumpy, but I've been spending all my time trying to get this straightened out and I cannot bill my clients if I don't work : (
  4. north_carolina

    Help with blocked IP

    From what I see in my e-mail account settings, my outgoing mail server is my domain name (coast2coastbusiness.com) hosted by ixwebhosting. I just called them and they said to call my cable provider since it's the IP that is being blocked. So which is it, outgoing mail server or cable provider's IP that is being blocked? I'm so confused.
  5. north_carolina

    Help with blocked IP

    This is what is confusing me. EVERY single e-mail that I try to send from my business account is being blocked. Not just test messages to myself, but to all my clients as well. My outgoing mail server on this business account is provided by ixwebhosting.com. When I called them, they said this is my local service provider's issue, not theirs. When I called Earthlink, my ISP, they say it's my cable provider's problem (Time Warner) because they provide my IP address. When I call Time Warner, they say it's Earthlink's issue. The thing is, I can send fine from my Earthlink account. UMmm, yes I did read the explanation. But this doesn't tell me anything. This morning, it says I'm not listed in the database but yet I'm still getting "System undeliverable" e-mails and can't send. The Senderbase statistics show a change in Email volumes in the Last day of 1190% This suggests a problem on the particular PC. The reverse DNS for the IP in question is user-0ce2fk9.cable.mindspring.com This looks to be a dynamic IP. On that basis I would suggest you run an urgent anti-virus and spyware scan of your PC. From the limited information available I'd say you might have an infection which is using your PC to distribute spam without your knowledge. Of course, it could also be that another Mindspring customer previously had the IP allocated and you're suffering their bad. If you can tell us how your PC is configured to send Email then that would be helpful. What is your outgoing SMTP server name in your mail program? I should add that SpamCop simply provides a register of IPs known to be sending spam at the moment or recently. The receiving ISP has chosen to reject your messages based on that list. So, if the message was sent to yourself then it is your own ISP that has decided to reject your messages since they stand a significant chance of being spam based on the data I collected. Andrew I do have McAfee running on all computers (I have a secured wireless network in my home with three other computers hooked to it). I secure my network based on MAC address. I run Spybot, Adaware, Trend Micro, I know how to use these things but nothing is showing up on any of the reports that indicate unusual activity. Affected outgoing e-mail is my own domain coast2coastbusiness.com hosted by ixwebhosting. But then why am I unsable to send ANY e-mail? Every single, and I repeat, every single e-mail I send is kicked back as undeliverable with the statement that it's being blocked. So who is my ISP? My business account belongs to ixwebhosting, my cable provider is Time Warner, my e-mail provider (owns my account apparently) is Earthlink. From what I've read on your website, I am supposed to notify my ISP so that they can fix whatever they need to fix. Problem is, none of these companies claim to be able to do this. So who is supposed to do this? I am actually a Microsoft Certified Professional and have been working at home for a number of years without a problem, this is why I am so frustrated. I know how to use the tools, I have a secure wireless setup in my home, and no, I didn't buy a "kit" : ) Just the mere fact that my e-mail address is on the Internet, it's prone to being harvested, nothing I can really do about that. I doubt my website was hacked because nothing shows up in any reports that I have run from anyof the programs (Spybot S&D, Adaware, etc). On one hand, Spamcop says "it's not personal" but yet on the other, I've been made to feel that I am an irresponsible spammer. BTW, just tried to reply to a message from my mother, who has a hotmail account, and it got kicked back with the "undeliverable" message but when I follow the link it says I'm not listed. THIS is why I think this whole thing is suspect - does this spamcop program even work? Why is it blocking every single e-mail? Interrupting my business by blocking all of my e-mails doesn't seem like it should be legal.
  6. north_carolina

    Help with blocked IP

    I sent this message from one e-mail account to another on the same PC: Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients. Subject: test Sent: 8/8/2007 12:38 AM The following recipient(s) cannot be reached: 'wellsclan[at]earthlink.net' on 8/8/2007 12:38 AM 451 Blocked - see http://www.spamcop.net/bl.shtml? First, I don't understand why I'm being blocked. It was half-way explained to me today that it was a bot or something. I've ran Spybot, Adaware, etc. I've waited the mandatory 24 hours but I'm still being blocked. Trying to run a home business here and this is frustrating to say the least! Question, why can I send from my earthlink account but not my business account (using Outlook). Both are on my computer and behind my cable box? I thought my IP was being blocked but it seems that it's only blocking a particular domain name? I've tried to contact my ISP (Earthlink) but they deny there is anything they can do. They point the finger at Time Warner, the company that provides my high speed service. Time Warner sends me to Earthlink. But then my Earthlink e-mail works so they say it's maybe my other e-mail account. So I call them and they say it's my ISP. Argh! Who is blocking me and is this legal?