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  1. Abuse contact for & is abuse[at]
  2. My wife's inbox has been flooded with something called RightNews every two hours for the past month. Originating IPs are & They appear to be on bullet proof hosting and are evidently white listed by someone at SpamCop.
  3. The reporting server seems to be having problems this morning.
  4. Oh, look. It's working now. Be still my heart.
  5. Service Unavailable The server is temporarily unable to service your request. Please try again later. Reference #6.cd3de93f.1470230549.148b8a43
  6. It appears that adding "digital-no-reply at" to the whitelist takes care of the problem. Thank you for your assistance.
  7. My wife has a Kindle. When she makes a purchase, Amazon sends a confirmation email. Amazon's mail server retries 6 times then gives up. Is there anyway to adjust the sensitivity of Greylisting? I've repeatedly gone into "Manage Greylist -- Rejected Entries" and ticked the Unblock - Allow box on the Amazon related entries but the problem persists.
  8. Sounds like another zombie company. The last employee walking out the door should turn out the lights. Course, I'm just as guilty. The servers I managed ran unattended for several years after I was shown the door. Unattended and unpatched. 8(
  9. Here's the headers I received from a scammer's email relating to an item I have posted on Craigslist. Will Spamcop send a spam report to Craigslist, which is an innocent party, or will it correctly send the report to the mail server being used to relay []? Return-Path: <[at]> Delivered-To: spamcop-net-munged[at] Received: (qmail 15878 invoked from network); 10 Apr 2011 15:39:59 -0000 X-spam-Checker-Version: SpamAssassin 3.2.4 (2008-01-01) on blade5 X-spam-Level: X-spam-Status: hits=0.1 tests=TW_ZJ version=3.2.4 Received: from unknown ( by with QMQP; 10 Apr 2011 15:39:59 -0000 Received: from ( by with SMTP; 10 Apr 2011 15:45:44 -0000 Received: from ( []) by (Postfix) with ESMTP id 7DF7A74A29 for <sale-zjd2z-2313205499[at]>; Sun, 10 Apr 2011 08:03:17 -0700 (PDT) Received: from localhost ([]) by (Post.Office MTA v3.9.0 release 20041101 ID# 6003-011U100L2S100V39B) with ESMTP id jp for <sale-zjd2z-2313205499[at]>; Mon, 11 Apr 2011 00:03:32 +0900 From: carter <carterworkx951566[at]> Subject: i like... interested Message-Id: <20110410150317.7DF7A74A29[at]> Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2011 08:03:17 -0700 (PDT) To: undisclosed-recipients:; X-SpamCop-Checked:
  10. Trying to login to webmail. It cleared up after a couple of hours and appears to be working fine now.
  11. The hour glass is spinning here...
  12. Heh. [19:45 EDT] Please be alert to the fact that there are a lot of phishes being sent pretending to be mail about your SpamCop email account -- they may contain an attachment or may be just a link to googlegroups. Do not open the attachment; do not click the link.
  13. Yea, the mamapapabrat version came in all weekend long. It's obvious no one is manning the abuse desk at Google Groups on the weekend and the hackers obviously know it. Here is my up to date list of links since my last post: Friday: hxxp:// hxxp:// Saturday & Sunday hxxp:// Today hxxp:// hxxp:// hxxp:// hxxp:// hxxp:// hxxp:// hxxp:// hxxp:// hxxp:// hxxp:// hxxp:// hxxp:// hxxp:// hxxp:// hxxp:// All reported to Google abuse, for what good it will do. Edit. Just checked. All these links are still active. Even the ones reported Friday.
  14. My spam is certainly is down.