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    Outlook "Beta"

    Thanks for the advice. Yes Lking, I do use Thunderbird for my other email account, but I intentionally setup this Hotmail account many years ago specifically to keep it separate. I use it to enter sweepstakes and sign up for promotions, which also causes it to get a lot of spam. And thank you RobiBue. I thought that article was going to help, but I think it only applies to the Outlook program, not webmail. Oh well, I guess I'll have to wait and see if they ever fix it to display full headers again, like it used to. Thanks!
  2. Nightwolf

    Outlook "Beta"

    Same problem here. I have been putting off using the 'beta', but was just forced to switch to it permanently. Now when I copy and paste the message source into Spamcop, I get all sorts of errors. Has anyone figured out how to get it to work with the new Outlook live webmail? Here is a sample tracking URL if it helps... https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6472089601zc8de562f36a63729edf173a63c4c01f0z
  3. Nightwolf

    full livemail header?

    Actually I'm going back to my original opinion that this is Microsoft/Hotmail's fault. As I said, in the old version of Hotmail I could click on the link that said 'View Message Source' and it would display just fine. I agree with Wazoo - they seem to be using some code that only appears to work right in IE, but Firefox is actually displaying it 'correctly' as it's written. Yet another attempt to eliminate the competition. Anyway I sent an email to Hotmail explaining the problem, but I seriously doubt if they'll get back to me. If anyone with more computer skills than me wants to further investigate this, both Firefox and Hotmail are free. Maybe together we can come up with a solution.
  4. Nightwolf

    full livemail header?

    Ya know, I even thought of that the first time I tried it. I know the old Hotmail didn't add all those spaces when you viewed the message source, but I wasn't sure if that would really make a big difference in Spamcop, but apparently it does. So I guess the only solution is to manually remove all the spaces until Microsoft fixes the problem. UPDATE: As I mentioned in my first post Firefox is my default browser. I just now got around to trying this with Internet Explorer and guess what - it works fine. I know I should have tried that first, but I'm lazy (and IE runs sooooo slow on my PC). So anyway, I guess it's not necessarily a Microsoft problem, but more of a Firefox problem. I guess I'll have to check in their forums to see if anything can be done about it. Thanks for the help!
  5. Nightwolf

    full livemail header?

    It says: No tracking information found in header: X-Message-Delivery: Vj0zLjQuMDt1cz0wO2k9MDtsPTA7YT0w Probably not full headers This is an example of the Source that Hotmail gives me (minus the body): X-Message-Delivery: Vj0zLjQuMDt1cz0wO2k9MDtsPTA7YT0w X-Message-Status: n:0 X-SID-PRA: SELF Magazine <cnp[at]email.condenast.us> X-SID-Result: Pass X-Message-Info: 6sSXyD95QpWyU5JCCA4bN9BxjtEcfGepMKr6e6VlwML976Dh0i7MSBNqRvalrwSK3wkaBDm49gn8xM0+iqprtQ== Received: from smtp.email.condenast.us ([]) by bay0-mc8-f8.bay0.hotmail.com with Microsoft SMTPSVC(6.0.3790.2668); Thu, 20 Sep 2007 12:45:51 -0700 Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary="_----------=_119031614810551433" MIME-Version: 1.0 X-Mailer: MIME::Lite 2.117 (F2.6) Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2007 19:22:28 UT To: xxx[at]hotmail.com From: "SELF Magazine" <cnp[at]email.condenast.us> Reply-To: cnp[at]email.condenast.us Subject: Enter to Win a Wellness Weekend in NYC X-Campid: cid=35-uid=1049118-mid=243-pid=-- X-Pviq: 000144-000384-YME-35-243 X-Eid: xxx[at]hotmail.com Message-Id: <20070920192229.29D98184504F2[at]smtp.email.condenast.us> Return-Path: cid=99-uid=1049118_-mid=243-lid=56-eid=35-did=1-bid=99--[at]email.condenast.us X-OriginalArrivalTime: 20 Sep 2007 19:45:51.0330 (UTC) FILETIME=[D969DC20:01C7FBBE] This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ----------=_119031614810551433 Content-Disposition: inline Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit Content-Type: text/plain etc...
  6. Nightwolf

    full livemail header?

    I have been struggling with this issue ever since Microsoft forcibly "upgraded" my Hotmail account a few days ago. I tried using the Full version, right-clicking on the subject line and selecting 'View Source', but when I paste it into Spamcop it says "No source IP address found, cannot proceed." I also tried forwarding the message directly to my Spamcop address, but that function doesn't seem to work at all (may be a Firefox problem). Has anyone found a way to successfully submit spam to Spamcop using Windows Live Hotmail? This is really bugging me.