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  1. pedrodelafiesta problem

    Hi Again I have to thank you for your help. I'm not a would be admin, I run a small record company and like so many learn the hard way against these painful things. For the most part you guys speak a foreign language. Its fair to say my tech support have learnt a few things too.
  2. pedrodelafiesta problem

    Firewall installed. I would appreciate any evidence of further problems. I am now hoping we are getting on top of this but if there is some kind of very deep rooted cause of the spam on the server then its possible that its not been resolved. But we will now be sure it is the server if there is still spam coming from my ip.
  3. pedrodelafiesta problem

    I delisted from CBL yesterday but its been relisted today. I do not believe my windows server is compromised but we are looking at every bit of it to be sure. The login you are talking about may have been a NAS on the network. Out of interest, if accessed can a NAS be used to send spam?
  4. pedrodelafiesta problem

    More info. I have an internet service provider called BeThere. This would explain the BeThere bit but unfortunately I dont understand. They supplied me with one static ip address, the one thats compromised. They also supplied the router. I would think from the eveidence that quite a few ip addresses supplied by BeThere are compromised but they could be anywhere in the uk and not related at all appart from by the internet service provider. Behind the router I have a windows 2003 server. We found 2 trojans on one PC on the small network of PCs I have on the network. They were cleaned. Everything else appeared completely clean. We dont have a hardware firewall but it is ordered. Again, I have to thank you all for your assistance and in the meantime I'm searching for the best advisers to rectify the situation.
  5. pedrodelafiesta problem

    Hi. Ive had my tech people deal with this. Can you advise if im ok to ask for removal from spam cop or if the problems still exist. Thanks in advance pedro
  6. pedrodelafiesta problem

    Thanks for your prompt responses. They are much appreciated. I am acting upon all f your recommendations. pedro
  7. pedrodelafiesta problem

    Hi, First time on here with little knowlege appart from what i've been learning in the last couple of weeks. Our mail server is and is registered on spam cop. As far as I can tell, none of the known or likely problems exist on my network. So i'm stumped. If anyone can help I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks.