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    Amazing reduction in Spam

    I couldn't _find_ the original (merged) message. Your forum is not particularly conducive to finding stuff, it seems. Since I am not experiencing an "Amazing reduction in spam", it wasn't likely that I'd consider that as a thread subject for which to search. No matter. I was awaiting the results of my experiment, and was disinterested in others' similar experiences or Spamcop's refutations. I wanted more evidence, so I waited .. and watched ... No, absolutely not. I'm only addressing the issues with the free reporting service. You see, one of the possibilities could be that (heavens forbid!) Spamcop is "encouraging" such purchased accounts by compromising mail accounts that use the free service. Not accusing, exactly, just saying. Purchasing an account would mask that test. Which is exactly why I didn't use a new Gmail account. My test account had been in existence for well over a year, and had been totally disused for months prior to the test. It had NEVER received any spam. Except I submit that it may not be "receiving spam for no apparent reason." There's a distinct possibility (the one I clearly raise here, the one you so quickly discount before and now) that Spamcop is the apparent reason. I see no such demonstration. I see only a refutation, a denial. I do not accept that a huge influx of spam would come out of nowhere. Possible, yes. Likely, no. Exactly my conclusion. Why would a spammer want to flood a known anti-spammer with spam? He'd just be causing problems for himself. So I considered that "trace me through the spam itself" to be not very likely. Which leaves only Spamcop as the source of the compromise. That, or a hateful universe. No .. the original POP mail site continues to get its usual flood of spam (ranging from 88 to 128 messages a day), all of which are now (or were) being reported via the "new" Spamcop account (with its Gmail address). (Note also that any clues imbedded in that spam would point back at the POP mail account, and NOT the Gmail account; an intentional part of my experimental design.) My initial post said that POP account got virtually no spam at all (a sporadic 2 or 3 a day) .. until I started reporting those few via Spamcop. Then the flood began. That was the "coincidence". The Gmail spamming I considered "enemy action." That's good to know. I couldn't really find (in searching through the Spamcop site) exactly what was happening with my reports. I see the same bloody spam supporting / friendly ISPs over and over again, and no apparent detrimental effects at all on the spammers. So I had to wonder. One would think that months of reporting spam would do something. As it is: I still do not accept that the spammers somehow discovered my Gmail account, after over a year of non-discovery .. exactly two weeks after I started using a new account on Spamcop to report. I think I'm going back to my own manual methods of crushing spammers (complaints to ISPs, their ISPs, and on up the line, yea even unto the Nth generation). It worked then. Obviously Spamcop isn't doing me any good.
  2. squiretoad

    Amazing reduction in Spam

    I found it curious that, the more I reported spam at my POP mail account to Spamcop, the more spam arrived! Gmail account, unused for months. Never received any spam. The only thing I'm using it for now is to subscribe to a new Spamcop account. I forwarded the spam coming into my _old_ POP mail account (which I'd been faithfully reporting to Spamcop for ages) to the new Spamcop account. For two weeks, no spam at the new gmail account. Not a single spam. Then, exactly two weeks after the new Spamcop account (with the gmail address): boom, 150 spams! (From basically 3 spammers, judging from the common subject lines.) Conclusion: Spamcop compromised my gmail address. Don't give me ANY crap about "Oh, the spammers just discovered that gmail account." Bull. Something happened, and it happened at Spamcop. There's an old Ian Fleming quote: "Once is coincidence, twice is enemy action." You've now become part of the problem. Now you guys need to find out what. Some suggestions: - Somebody inhouse is selling lists. (Most likely) - A spammer has penetrated your system security and is getting member lists (and their email addresses). (Possible) - The messages you're sending out to spammer ISPs are somehow being traced back to the complainant's (that's me) email account. (Not likely) Meanwhile, thanks a whole bloody lot for screwing up my gmail account. Incidentally: I've noted NO, repeat, NO change in type or frequency of spam at my original POP mail account. I was taking it on faith that in fact reporting all these spammers, zombie systems, etc. to ISPs and mail servers was in fact doing something. But I just can't believe that any more. You're apparently having no effect whatsoever (aside from the _very_ rare message that someone will be taking care of the spam problem within 24 hours). Too bad: nice concept. Lousy result.
  3. squiretoad

    Amazing reduction in Spam

    I was only receiving a few (3-6) of the typical spams per day at my POP mail account. However, since I've begun reporting them via SpamCop (forwarding per instructions), they've grown and grown and grown! Last night I received 82 new spam (all viagra or health, all from the same two or three spammers) between 6 PM last night and 9 AM this morning! I've looked at the messages SpamCop sends out to spammers and their ISPs, and it looks like my email address is being masked. But apparently _something_ is going on, and I'm being barraged to the point almost of Denial of Service! And the ONLY change (since I never respond to any of these things) is my use of SpamCop. Any idea what's going on? Have the "bad guys" compromised the SpamCop membership lists? Moderator Edit: yet another "new" Topic merged into this existing Topic/Discussion PM sent to advise of this action.