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  1. Merlyn: Hmmmm, no, I'm not. Not quite sure how you got that out of my reply, but anyway ... as Miss Betsy was so kind to point out in her earlier post (which clarified my whole sitation): And this was where we fell. Our DC's abuse desk received the emails because wirewarez.com was listed in the body of the email. What confused us at first was that we had no account by that name. Well, a bit of investigation found it tagging along as an add-on domain of another one of our customers. We investigated, and although we found that wirewarez.com had not sent even one email out according to the server logs, the account that had added them on offered to get rid of them due the possibility of them doing it again (and they didn't want their account tied up with it). So, wirewarez.com made a brief 2-3 pitstop on our servers before heading back out to spammers haven. And regardless, we would have gotten rid of them anyway, as we actively pull spammers from our servers, a quite rare occurrence in the offshore hosting business it seems. As Always, Don
  2. Well, interesting responses, although they didn't seem to really answer my original questions here. And I apologize for not finding my way back - I've actually been sick some lately, and I'm actually a bit amused that a couple of you got a bit bent trying to figure out just who I was. Interesting ... Let's see, no, I'm not from EV1, and I'm definitely not out of HK. Actually, my boxes are in a DC out of Germany (netdirekt), and it seems that we actually got caught up in the spam reports because a domain we were hosting was mentioned in the spam. Anyway, we removed the domain that day and managed to figure out what was going on. I simply forgot to check back here after I got a bit under the weather. Thanks, and so the masked hoster disappears again ... Thanks, Don
  3. One of my hosting customers got reported to our data center for spam, which in turn, the DC came down on us and requested that the site be taken down for spam abuse. However, I did some checking, and I'm a bit confused. For one, the server that he is on is not BL'ed by SpamCop. Two, when I check the reports that they reference, from what I can tell of the headers, the emails originated from an entirely different host and IP. So, the question is, why would SpamCop have hammered my DC with spam reports this morning (they sent 4 emails within a 30 min period - the DC's AUP states that on the 3rd AUP violation that action must be taken against the site within 30 mins of the received complaint) about a site that sent spam from another IP and totally different network? I'm a bit confused. Here's a link to one of the reports: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z1483528659zc...c227651fdd5c5az Is SpamHaus notifying the current DC just because that is where it is hosted now? Thanks For Your Time and Explanation, Don