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  1. No, that's not quite what I stated. Please go back and review this thread from the beginning. I did not state that people had "requested" the newsletter.

    No, there was one sent out on the 8th of November titled "JAlbum newsletter - November."

    Assuming that you're correct about the previous existence of a forum-only signup on the JAlbum site (and I believe you probably are), it's possible that they've got some list-management issues, and that the forum registration addresses were added to the database of addresses provided during software registration and free album hosting registration. If that's the case, then they should take a close look at the situation and remove the addresses of people who only registered for their forum from the list used for newsletter broadcasts. If this scenario is correct, then I'd attribute this to human error, rather than any intentions to send people unsolicited messages.



    You have indeed found something Steven. The forum login/hosting is the same database in our system and after the forum upgrade there was a way to register for about 3 weeks through the forum subpage. With every forum upgrade we always needs to customize some pages is order for it to go through the right channels. We atleast have a way to pinpoint the registered users and have blocked the users that registered through the forum pages instead of our download pages.

    Anything, don't heistate to contact me directly we acctully care.

    Kind Regards


  2. I don't right now either. But in October, as stated, I specifically did not download the software where registration was required and the newsletter was forced on you.

    At that time, (I wish I had documented specifically how I did this, but figured either I would or would not get a newsletter right away), I went to the Support Forum link and requested an account there. They may have changed their forum as I see no way to request a forum account there now.

    BTW, I have now unsubscribed from the newsletter (which I firmly believe I never subscribed to as documented above).

    Hi Steven and spamcop users!

    We have a strict policy at JAlbum not to spam our users still if you register for a free hosting account we take the liberty to send newsletters about once a month to our users (think we had 10 this year). You can register and not download the software but still you would get information about our rules.

    If you choose to not register, the software still is free to download and use but you need to choose another free hosting provider. If you unsubscribe to our newsletter you will still keep your free hosting account. We have no wish to spam our users and I try to be active in fighting spam. This is the first spam report we got in some months and now we have ALOT of users (3 million copies of our software and over 12 million published albums). I think we communicate our offer clearly and according to spamcop rules.

    I will get a techie to try to figure out what you managed to do first thing on monday but would very much appreciate if you try to figure out how you managed to do this. Is it ok by you if you provide me with your username? You can send a mail to me directly at johan[at]jalbum.net

  3. It seems to be decent but it should not be looking for updates or anything else beyond my machine unless it asks for approval first.

    Hi we have had discussions about this in our http://jalbum.net/forum, and we choose to have this feature enabled by default basically because the main part of our users wants to know about _big_ improvements and bug fixes. I assure you that no user data is communicated to JAlbum and it's easy to turn of the update feature under preferences if you choose so.

    Kind Regards


  4. Hi All!

    Johan new sysadmin at JAlbum.net. We are a Swedish webbased photo album program. After first collecting my forum.spamcop.net registration mail from gmail spambox I'm now able to write to all Spamcop users. :)

    Our software is a freeware with no costs whatsoever and upon the optional registration you also get a free hosting account. You then get our monthly newsletter (well about 6-12 per year) but it's easy to unsubscribe and you don't need to register to get our software. We really try to listen to our users and 'think' we have adopted and implemented all spamcop policys in our newsletters.

    Today is a big day for JAlbum.net and our founder will release some news in a newsletter to our users. With some fear we will soon see if it gets through or the spamcop community stops it.

    Feel free to give comments to me personally or in our forum. Feel free to check www.jalbum.net out, our software out and anything don't hesitate to contact me johan[at]jalbum.net

    // Johan Groundstroem