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  1. If you have been reporting spam for weeks to isp's like cert.br, ttnet.net.tr, turktelecom.com.tr, and tpnet.pl, and you still continue to get spam, is there any point in clicking to continue sending them reports? or should you just cancel? It seems pointless.
  2. I transferred my email account to a different server. I can no longer parse spam without a message about "Nothing to do" I figure this is due to the current mailhost server is no longer valid with my email address. Do I need to delete it and then add a new one? Or can I add a new one with the same email address and a different server? Any instructions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. billdickason

    Weeks-old messages finally delivered. Why the delay?

    I don't see that my reply fits very well, but I can't find anything closer to my problem. I am getting very long delays on getting a response back on spam forwarded as attachments. Then oftentimes the email back from Spamcop is slow in coming. If I log into Spamcop, it shows as unreported spam. The email shows up hours later. I never used to have this problem. No one else seems to be reporting it.