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  1. Sorry, I missed your earlier message with the suggestion. I tried it and got the same results. It still didn't make it to SpamCop or my hotmail account.
  2. I'll post it here when they come up with something. I've heard from them a couple times and they're supposedly still working on it. Do I understand that you're having the same problem that I am - not able to send submit emails to spamcop? I'm curious, are you running Norton Interent Security? If so, what version? Thanks
  3. As of today, Jan 14, 2008, I'm still having the problem. None of my messages are making it to Spamcop. But I have tried sending the exact same message (same subject, same body and the blacklistxxxxxx.txt attachment) to hotmail, yahoo, msn and several other acconts. They don't make it to any of them either. Of course, Comcast has repeatedly tried to blow me off. But after a few heated conversations today, I've made it to Exectuive Excalations guy. I think I have his attention and he has someone working on it. He has been able to reproduce the problem by sending one of my Spamcop messages to another email outside Comcast. It didn't make it there either. So we'll see what they come up with this time.
  4. That's correct in my situation. I have cc'ed a hotmail account on my Spamcop submissions. Not a single submission is making it to hotmail so I assume they aren't leaving Comcast at all. But when I send them from hotmail I get the Spamcop response every time. That seems pretty clear to me. Maybe the other person is having a different problem with Verizon.
  5. I just spoke to Comcast today. They are finally admitting that they have had a national problem since the first week of November. They spent a couple weeks telling everyone that it was someone elses problem. When overwhelmed with reports and considerable proof they've finally admitted it's their problem. The only remaining question is how long it'll take them to fix it.
  6. Here's an update on my problem and troubleshooting. Based on it I've changed my mind and am convinced it's a Comcast problem. I'm not sure what had happened on that earlier test but here's what I did this time: 1) I started sending all of my spam submissions to SpamCop and a hotmail address. None are making it to either. 2) I had some other people tell me that they hadn't received an email I sent them. I forwarded those emails to a Hotmail account, a Yahoo account and a Comcast account. I did this several times. Every time it made it to the Comcast account but it never made it to the other accounts. 3) Then I took another sent email that had made it to the intended person and forwarded it to the same 3 accounts (Hotmail, Yahoo and Comcast). Again, I did this several times. This email made it to all 3 addresses every time. 4) Concerned that it had something to do with Outlook, I tried the same tests above but sent them from the Comcast web based email service. It had the same results. Now convinced that it was a Comcast problem, I called them again and insisted that it be escalated. They opened a new ticket, escalated it and told me they'd call me back. That was 2 days ago. Today I called them back and asked for the status of my problem. They said my ticket had been closed and noted that it was a part of a known problem that they had been working on. I insisted they reopen the ticket and have someone call me. I'm waiting for that call. They did mention that they had been having a lot of email problems for the last week or so.
  7. Folks, I have to tell you that I've come to the conclusion that this is definitely a SpamCop problem. I've had several conversations with Comcast with no luck. For the past 10 days I've had about 1% of my submission emails get thru and show up in SpamCop. But here's an experiment that was very telling. I just sent a submission three different ways - one using Outlook via Comcast, another using the web based interface via Comcast and the final one via Hotmail. Guess what? None of them have been recognized by SpamCop.
  8. I've been thru that FAQ and nothing there helps. My mail seems to be leaving Comcast fine. I have cc'ed another address on it and it gets there fine. When it's sent there's never the REPORT NOW showing at spamcop when I check it. I can go to the spamcop page and log in fine. I can cut and paste the spam there and it works fine. It just looks like it's leaving Comcast but never getting to Spamcop. I see that others are having the same problem with Comcast. Someone said theirs started working today. But mine doesn't seem to be.
  9. For the past couple days I've noticed a problem when sending reports of spam. The emails seem to go out ok with no errors at all. But I noticed that I wasn't receiving the usual SpamCop AutoResponder emails back. When I go to spa, there isn't any apam there to process. It's like my emails aren't getting to SpamCop. The last one they received was on 11/5/07 but I've sent several since then. Is anyone else having that problem or can someone point me in the right direction? In case it matters, I'm on Comcast. Thanks