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  1. Hi all, Id appreciate any input people have on this.. The IT manager in our small company came into his role when the last guy moved on as he was the only guy not to run screaming when a windows error box popped up. He's now got our spam filter cranked up to "hyper paranoid" and its causing issues with suppliers, customers etc.. as they try and get through to us through email. He's convinced that simply by opening an email in Outlook (various clients = 2000, 2003 and 2007 in an Exchange environment) it's phoning home and letting the spammers know the email address is valid. I know this statement would be true if there is a linked image in the email, even if its a single pixel big (and outlook wasnt set to disable these active images), but am skeptical that if an email, even if its HTML format, has the capability to have "hidden" links or other call-home tie-ins to notify the Spammer if the user so much as opens the email itself. Im more than willing to admit Im wrong.. but, of course, dont think I am What address verification techniques are being used? thanks.
  2. Tiny bit of background - some 50 computers in the company I work at.. our "IT Manager" (ITM) is named so because when they needed one, he was the only guy who didnt run screaming when an error box pops up in windows.. an ok coder he may be.. but he's mostly clueless otherwise. We have a contractor that the ITM calls when any server/network issues pop up.. and then me, who takes care of the general "my computers doing something weird" requests on top of my other tasks within the place.. ITM had recently made some changes that would result in our local systems dealing with the "maybe" spam emails rather than our ISP stopping everything.. therefore our users were getting some in their inboxes etc.. During our conversation he asked, horrified, "Well, you don't actually OPEN any of something you think -might- be spam, do you?!" .. "the contractor told me the other day the spammers can tell if you even open the email!" I pointed out that unless there are images (or even a pixel) keyed to my address in an HTML email, then there wasnt really any way for a spammer to know I'd opened it... unless I were stupid enough to click on a link. As I typically have image loading turned off, or force viewing in Plain Text its not an issue. Figuring how quickly things can change, I figured I may as well confirm my beliefs with more experienced people before I decide to scrap it out with him some. Im sure viewing in Plain Text is safe, and with image loading turned off in Outlook, its pretty much a dead end for address confirmation for the spammer, correct? thanks.