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  1. Well, the reply implying I was actually a spammer was more than a red flag. The real problem seems to be that the following [edited] message is of no real value to me for diagnostic purposes and the 'spamcop' site is also of no real help - having to join a forum to find why this is happening is a massive waste of time and energy. I do find the whole thing to be a very threatening big brother arrangement - along the liens of - we can get you blocked as a spammer even if that is a false accusation - and there is nothing you can do about it.... Emails and names removed to protect the innocent - The original message was received at Mon, 19 Nov 2007 09:30:04 +0800 (SGT) from kbsmtao2.starhub.net.sg [] ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors ----- xxx[at]yyy.sg> (reason: 550 Rule imposed as me[at]msn.com is blacklisted on SpamCop (see www.spamcop.net)) ----- Transcript of session follows ----- ... while talking to somesite.com.sg.: >>> RCPT To:<xxx.sg> <<< 550 Rule imposed as me[at]msn.com is blacklisted on SpamCop (see www.spamcop.net) 550 5.1.1 <xxx[at]yyy.sg>... User unknown Cheers, John
  2. I think the attitude relfected in the following says it all - 'Not sending spam? That's what they all say ...' I am not interested in spending time in this forum. I am not interested in a holier than thou attiitude. Nor am I interested in a system that destroys business correspondence relationships. Which I conside this 'Spamcop' nonsense to be about. Talk about a ridiculous reply to someone who is trying to maintain a business relatiosnhip and has his emails blocked without any valid basis. pshew - arrogant geeks rule, huh?
  3. Hi- I have been blocked. Why I do not know. I am not sending out spam. Now emails to my clients are being blocked because of this totally restrictive approach. I am using a service via a hotel, and of course cannot make any sense of this entire thing. I am so angry at this loss of communication that I am prepared to be very irate with any person whenever I meet them who state they are involved with this organisation. This is an unwarranted restriction of my business activities. Totally disgusted with this so-called police operation. It has not validation for this blocking action, no relationship with me, and hides behind an anonymous structure - with no contact emails available on the web site that I can find.