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    Thanks Don. I'll give it a try and let you know if I get nowhere. teeder44
  2. Hi, I realize this is a Spamcop forum but I've run out of alternatives in attempting to contact somebody at Ironport's Senderbase. For some reason, we have a "poor" reputation on Senderbase. We are on no blacklists and have a good reputation on all other similiar reputation databases, E.g. Borderware. I have read in discussions and on the Senderbase website that "Senderbase does not block messages...". True. However, Ironport appliances apparently do use the Senderbase reputation to determine how fast and how many messages they will accept from you. This means messages we send to a domain using Ironports are being temporarily rejected, deferred and are queueing up on our servers. For this reason, there should be a means of clearing up Senderbase reputation problems. Most other such sites and blacklists have this capability. Does anybody know how you can find out why you have a poor reputation on their site and/or do something about it? Thanks. teeder44