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  1. I think this program is hard to figure out. But anyway it seems interesting to note that there is such type of things wherein we could share other printer. Maybe this can best work when you have some internet station.
  2. Softix

    Anti-Virus / Firewall

    I prefer using AVG and also Comodo firewall since it doesnt lagged up my pc. The Zone Alarm is good firewall but I think it takes up so much of your RAM. I just keep them on most of the time .
  3. Softix

    Barracuda Spam firewall configuration

    The Barracuda spam Firewall is a Linux based anti spam network appliance dedicated to fighting spam and viruses. Unlike Postgrey which greatly reduces spam but at a cost of delays to your mail, the Barracuda spam Firewall performs a battery of test to eliminate spam without any costly delay.
  4. Softix

    Looking for a Particular Spam

    I have read that many people were also investigating in attack to the Lotus which make server crashes. Anyway I have checked my e-mail but found too many spams in it but not related to that messages.
  5. Softix

    Pegasus + Norton Anti-Virus ... oooops!

    I have read this one as well. I think they should try to disable there Norton Anti virus and changed it into another anti virus software. By the way here is the e-mail of pegasus chairman Since a signature update on May 15, Norton Antivirus has begun detecting the Pegasus Mail executable program, WINPM-32.EXE as a trojan horse called “Trojan.Dropperâ€. The first symptom most people will have of this problem is the deletion of WINPM-32.EXE during a system scan. Firstly, we wish to stress that there is no trojan horse in Pegasus Mail: the Norton Antivirus program is producing a “false positive†- an incorrect analysis based on poor or erroneous signature information. Secondly, you will not be able to recover from this problem without first amending your Norton Antivirus installation, since it will automatically delete any attempt to download or reinstall the Pegasus Mail program.