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    Example IP?

    Alright this is weird, I clicked the link it says 'not listed' (browser). When I do a reverse nslookup via cmd.exe, I get a timeout, so it's not there? Am I doing something wrong here? I exactly copied your line and it gave a timeout...
  2. wep844

    Example IP?

    Hello, I've *tried* to search for an example IP but the search function won't allow < 4 characters... I tried http://spamcop.net/w3m?action=checkblock&ip= tens of dozens of times with different IPs, even tried IPs from 'non-resolved' threads, but response is always 'not listed'. So, can anyone give me an IP that is listed so I can check if this really works? I tried my best to search for an example on the site, even Google, but nothing. Thanks in advance.