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  1. Cool. Thanks for that. I agree the link was a tenuous one and yep, I suppose I'm just lucky. After I made the post, I actually had 7 identical emails from the one scam artist. What joy. My apologies for using the term "phishing" as an umbrella term and also for not looking around the site enough to find a similar topic. As I said, I'm just an average person who hates spam and I posted in haste this morning. I may not know all my terminology, but I am very savvy when it comes to scams, frauds, etc. It's people like the women I work with and my mum that I worry about! Cheers.
  2. Hi there, I hope I'm posting in the right place (I did read the FAQs etc) first. I'm not a computer tech or anything, just an ordinary person with a loathing for spam. I recently started using SpamCop again after an absence - the sheer volume of spam got me down. But I started again recently and as soon as I did, I immediately noticed a huge increase in the amount of phishing scams I received - the Nigerian crap, the lotteries, the dying people who want to leave me their bazillions - on and on. Is it possible that this huge increase is somehow linked to my recent reporting spree? I'm sorry if this is a naive question but I'm generally curious. Thanks and keep up the good work. I hope it's actually having some impact. Cheers.