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    My IP is listed

    Yes, the message is generated by Kerio MailServer, whitch is installed on our pop3/smtp server, and our gprs users send all the messages through it.
  2. Agrotorg

    My IP is listed

    The exact text of error: "Your server IP address is in the spamcop database, bye". I can't tell the IP because it's not noted in the error message. I'd like to concretize the situation: We are the company witch have the own pop3\smtp server and most of our remote objects use the dial-up connection to the internet, and mail works correctly for them. But some of our remote objects use mobile phones to connect to the internet by gprs, and when they try to send the mail they get that error. And what is going to change if I call the gprs provider and try to know the IPs pool?
  3. Agrotorg

    My IP is listed

    I got the gprs internet connection, so I get my IP from my provider and it's dynamic IP witch is different each time. And I can't do anything when some of this dynamic IPs are used by some other user to send spam, so this IP goes to your spam list. After that I can't send e-mail at all (using MS Outlook). What should I do?