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    Help me please Im so sorry!

    Hi guys thank you so much all for your support I apologize for my naivity again, I've learnt some valuable lessons Im sorry if my questions or requests seemed stupid, i simply didnt know how all this works and i thout SpamCop was some kind of authority over ISP's .. I've done as you suggested, and as most of you predicted my previous host refused any attempts to restore the website, but they've offered me a backup and i've contacted another host and hopefully it will be up and running again soon -spam free this time-! My only concern right now - and by far the biggest - is legal action, I'm simply petrified of the idea of going to jail or even having to pay a hefty fine for this ... i can't afford either ... so far this website has cost me alot and i havent gained much through it considering that i don't sell anything like other spammers .. I just hope this all goes away and i don't get a call from the federal police or a similar organisation ... Again i thank you all for your help, i truly appreciate it .
  2. Shamed

    Help me please Im so sorry!

    I can't find anyway of contacting the deputies directly regarding this, I guess i'll just have to wait and hope that they might stumble in this post ... if you know anyone who can help me please let me know .. thanks in advance
  3. Shamed

    Help me please Im so sorry!

    Hi Steve Many thanks for that, I'm trying to figure out how to contact SpamCop officers for this but I can't figure out how .. I'll keep trying to find an email or mailform .. I have a copy of the website, in the termination email i got a link to a tar.gz file so im assuming that's it ... But am i correct to understand that if i move the website "with the same domain name" to another host and never to send any emails again, is this possible and will this keep me out of trouble? Also any thoughts on the legal problem ive gotten myself into?
  4. Shamed

    Help me please Im so sorry!

    Is there anyone in SpamCop who can help me with this? Im willing to do anything and give any guarantees they might request to not send any more emails from my website, but my ISP just sent me an email that they won't recreate the website, Im hoping that SpamCop can convince them thats ok? they can monitor me for as long as they like, please I dont want to lose everything because of this
  5. Shamed

    Help me please Im so sorry!

    Hi Raju the website is h.ttp://fxstyle.net/ they advertise the list now as 238 million emails ... Please, do you have any comments / can you help with my situation at all? Thank you Farelf, to answer your questions: 1. I did not send to any Australian citizens as far as i know, as you pointed out I aim to avoid them and email my message to users in other nations, particularly those who have large expats in Australia such as Croatians, Lebanese, Turks etc, I steered away from Australians and Americans .. however I can't 100% be sure that not a single Australian citizen received this email. 2. The mailing list has been decommisioned, the entire website is currently unavailable, I won't even think of sending ordinary emails from it again .. if i ever get it online again 3. I guess this means the website is permanently banned? 4. Since I'm new to all this I don't think my IP is listed on other lists (is there any way / website to check for sure?) 5. MY ISP told me that i need to email their admin to resolve this, so they're giving me a bit of hope .. I just want to know whats going to happen now to: 1. Me (am i in legal trouble?) 2. Is my website now permanently banned? Thank you so much for your help and time on this [Farelf edit - url link severed above]
  6. Shamed

    Help me please Im so sorry!

    Petzel im really frightened now, please what is going to happen now? im so sorry what can i do?
  7. Hi Im so sorry, I built a website that took me like 6 months of daily work all alone, and when i finally got it up and running i was dissapointed that nobody would come, even my friends stopped after a while, i found this website that claimed to have a list of 80 million emails for $40 bucks, so i thought its worth a try and i got it and set up a mailing system on my website and just got an email 2 days later from my isp telling me my website has been terminated I'm so sorry, I was naive and i thought if there's any complaints i'll stop and i thought that i'll receive at least 1 warning and if i do i'll stop sending emails immediatly ... I know this is a very lame excuse, I meant no harm to anybody and I really hope there's a way to get my site back alive, I can't stand the idea that 6 months work has been terminated and that I'm shamed like this .. My website isn't about viagra or cialis or cheap imitations, its about immigration and life in Australia I just worked so hard at it, I really am sorry for using that list please help me get my website back