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  1. In Safari, when I try to click on the 'Check All' link on the http://mailsc.spamcop.net/reportheld?action=heldlog page, nothing happens. If I turn on logging of java scri_pt exceptions, I get the following error: :2: TypeError - Value undefined (result of expression checkAll) is not object. Cannot be called. This just started happening on 21 June 2004.
  2. Ah, then the current system already works. If I report spam I get via a mailing list, the mailing list will be fingered as the spammer, and the owner will be motivated to tighten up their spam controls. [ :-)/2 ]
  3. Because these kinds of errors will happen? Seems too bad, because spam to a mailing list is extra annoying.
  4. Right. And I want to tell the mailhost table that I trust the mailing list server not to be a spam source, so to look beyond that for the real source of the spam.
  5. Is there a way to teach mailhosts not to blame a mailing list for spam? I.e., to add the mailing list as if it were one of my valid addresses? I don't think I want to send the mailhost probe message to the mailing list...
  6. One question about the shared hosts: wouldn't this permit a clever spammer to infect the database? Could a spammer sign up for a SpamCop account, get his mailhost trusted, and then continue to forge headers?