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    Secure Authentication?

    My OP is about secure authentication. I'm asking about the right port number and SMTP server address I should be using for SSL. I've got SSL working OK on the POP side, but not SMTP on smtp.cesmail.net. Has anyone else managed to get this to work? If so, please could you say what settings you're using. Many thanks.
  2. Sleepy-zz-John

    Secure Authentication?

    Merged 'new' Topc into an existing Discussion, as it sure seems to cover the same ground. Hi, Until last month, I've been sending mail out via smtp.cesmail.net on port 587 (without encryption) quite successfully ever since soon after the Spamcop SMTP service was originally introduced. But since early last month, it's been taking up to a quarter of an hour to send a single 5K e-mail out, because each of the sending protocol phases such as EHLO, AUTH LOGIN, RSET, MAIL FROM, DATA, QUIT have been sticking, waiting for a response, for minutes on end. These delays get worse in the busy evening period, often resulting in timeout failures. I put this down to heavy port throttling on 587 being imposed by my local ISP (I'm in Thailand by the way), probably in an attempt to curb spam abuse and chronic traffic overload. The reason I suspect selective port throttling is because I can complete mail check protocols and download a few mails from Spamcop on port 110 over the same busy evening period within a few seconds. It's only my SMTP sending that suffers these delays. So I'd like to try changing to SSL and using a different port. I've already tried sending to smtp.csmail.net on standard SSL port 465, but that didn't seem to work. Please can anyone tell me the right port number and SMTP server address I should be using for SSL?
  3. Sleepy-zz-John

    How to block/filter? (cyrillic spam)

    Just seen the Russian option for the first time here, and have now ticked it. Looks like we're on the road to getting it fixed, so thanks for your help and support
  4. Sleepy-zz-John

    How to block/filter? (cyrillic spam)

    Nope, still not showing here. Back to sleep again
  5. Sleepy-zz-John

    How to block/filter? (cyrillic spam)

    Dunno David, guess I must still be fast asleep (as usual ) 'cos I still can't see it We're in webmail.spamcop.net/horde/imp/spamcop/blacklists.php, right? The bottom Spamassassin line has just a tickbox and a limit selection box, right? Immediately below that we have a DNS Blacklists paragraph, and that's just a few lines of text with no options or selections in it, right? Then immediately below the DNS Blacklists paragraph text comes the table, with its four purple-background column headings: Blank - DNS Blacklist - DNS Zone - Website, right? You say, and I agree, it's not in the table, so where and how have I missed it? Many thanks
  6. Sleepy-zz-John

    How to block/filter? (cyrillic spam)

    Good idea, and I see that the above also appears as a news announcement dated Oct 6, 2008. This would be excellent, but I can't find the new menu item there In "Select your email filtering blacklists" China, Nigeria, Argentina & Brazil are there, but no sign of Russia. Neither does it appear in "Manage your personal blacklist". Is it me that's missing something, or hasn't that new menu item actually been added in yet?
  7. Sleepy-zz-John

    Spamassassin false positive on FORGED_MUA_OUTLOOK

    I would agree. I haven't noticed many either, but we've got this one reproducible false positive one coming from my genuine correspondent that up to now we can't explain. Anyway, I raised the issue on the contact form last Monday as you recommended, so now waiting to see what response comes from that. Tks, + Sleepy J
  8. Hi, Mails from my genuine sender in Cyprus addressed to my virgin.net account are consistently getting a **** level and 4.2 hits from SpamAssasin, apparently from a false FORGED_MUA_OUTLOOK positive. I have whitelisted this genuine sender, so his messages no longer go into my Spamcop spam folder, but we are concerned that genuine sender's mails to other recipients are still liable to false blocking. I understand from looking at Spamassassin blogs that there have been some false positive FORGED_MUA_OUTLOOK issues in the past resulting from changes to the format of Outlook Express's Message ID that Spamassasin didn't recognise, but which are supposed to now be resolved. Note in the example below that cytanet first send genuine.sender's mail to emaildefenseservices.com who apparently do a rules hit check of their own on behalf of virgin.net. It then goes on to my virgin.net mailbox from whence Spamcop collect it (this latter part of the routing is not shown in my example). I have changed the names in the example below for security reasons, but the Message ID remains intact as sent. genuine.sender has sent me three seperate mails in the last few days, all with quite short innocuous text only bodies, and each time the result has shown exactly the same **** level, 4.2 hits, FORGED_MUA_OUTLOOK, and Blocked SpamAssassin=4 How can we stop this false blocking? ------EXAMPLE----- X-spam-Checker-Version: SpamAssassin 3.2.4 (2008-01-01) on filter7 X-spam-Level: **** X-spam-Status: hits=4.2 tests=FORGED_MUA_OUTLOOK version=3.2.4 Received: from sc1-in13.emaildefenseservice.com ( by n024.sc1.he.tucows.com ( id 47693081032C35B1 for sleepy.john[at]virgin.net; Sat, 26 Apr 2008 04:26:56 +0000 X-SpamScore: 2 X-Spamcatcher-Summary: 2,0,0,9f8b517d95129fa8,7e7d9b78463223a7,genuine.sender[at]cytanet.com.cy,-,RULES_HIT:355:379:539:540:541:542:543:567:728:988:989:1155:1260:1277:1311:1313:1314:1345:1437:1515:1516:1518:1533:1534:1536:1587:1593:1594:1711:1714:1730:1747:1766:1792:2073:2076:2393:2559:2562:2828:3867:3869:3873:5007:6261,0,RBL:none,CacheIP:none,Bayesian:0.5,0.5,0.5,Netcheck:none,DomainCache:0,MSF:not bulk,SPF:,MSBL:none,DNSBL:none,TSO:0 X-Spamcatcher-Explanation: X-Virus-Scanned: By virus scanner at Cytanet Message-ID: <8B6BF60ACA1C4DEBB006F5EC1628A69C[at]dill99f99894d7> From: "My Correspondent" <genuine.sender[at]cytanet.com.cy> To: "My.address" <sleepy.john[at]virgin.net> Subject: Rejection Date: Sat, 26 Apr 2008 07:26:46 +0300 X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 6.00.2900.3311 X-SpamCop-Checked: X-SpamCop-Disposition: Blocked SpamAssassin=4 X-SpamCop-Whitelisted: genuine.sender[at]cytanet.com.cy -------