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    How to include Spamcop.net blacklist

    I have configured the Anti-spam option in the hub transport and provided the DNS suffix bl.spamcop.net as given in the FAQs but i got an error message saying that bl.spamcom.net isn’t a valid DNS suffix, i substituted it by spamcop.net simply, i don’t know if this is a right configuration to acquire block lists directly from spamcop.
  2. ahmedsm

    How to include Spamcop.net blacklist

    Wazoo thank you for the help, sorry for the pain that i am causing .
  3. ahmedsm

    How to include Spamcop.net blacklist

    Thank you Wazoo and Andrew, of course i have read the FAQ on spamcop.net and what i found regarding exchange was for exchange 2003 SP2, Exchange 2007 SP1 is different i cant find any configurable option where i can add the blocklist that's why i am posting here if anybody has done this with exchange 2007 sp1 please help.
  4. Hello, i am using Microsoft Exchange 2007 Sp1 with Anti-spam activated on the Hub transport, i would like to know how can i include automatically spamcop.net blocklist to help me fighting spams. Thank you for your help.