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    Forwarding from AOL

    Probably a longshot but right click on mail and see if properties comes up. If it does see if the full header is located in the properties copy and paste
  2. I'm sorry I posted to the wrong forum. It was my first post here and it was a bit disorienting. I've posted on Castlescops and othe boards without problems. I belive I arrived there reading some posts after I searched. I have used Spamcop reporting directly and Mailwasher Pro auto reporting for over 4 years, on 4 machines. In that time I've had one minor problem. I did search for an answer and was unsuccessful. As for the ISP info I've used rcn for 10 years without a problem. I will call to double check. I found the spam I reported Saturday May 10th but I didn't get the usual return receipt with the link. this started maybe a week or ten days ago.
  3. I am using Mailwaher pro. Everything appears fine in ththis end. I report spam automatically but haven't been getting a receipt. I log in to check and there is no report link on my screen. I checked my report box and see some of the reported email is there. I do not have anything on auto. I've tried searching but cannot seem to find the key words to find a solution. Thanks, zed