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    getting spammed to death

    Hi thanks for the reply, we are communicating because you are saying what I am saying,but, I am not a techie and you are, I do appreciate your help. I understand and do all the above correctly the problem is with number 2 ( and I have no spam filters running when this was happening) I reported about 50 manually (cut and paste) and I had more spam than ever so I reported 53 via number 1 Out of 53 I got 12 number 2 and 30 hours later got notice of 2 more, the rest have not been replied to and will be out of date if they are. This has happened for a long time, my mate was introduced to spamcop by me and I told him to watch this (he is thicker than me, he wouldn't notice) because of this issue I decided to do everything manually (cut and paste). hope that clears this up. how can I get spamcop to work via number 1 (mailwasher) thanks again Hi thanks for the reply I have always used mailwasher but 90% of the time I send manually. I see your point of multiple spam, size etc, I did notice that some of the 12 had a lot more abuse reports than others, I assume you are saying that the 53 were all included in the 12 and some were dismissed for other reasons? but I never loose that percentage when I do it manually, however, I have never had more than 100 at a time to report, so I suppose this is norm for large amounts of spam I am just learning. I will forward you the late ones next time I get them. Like I said, it could be mailwasher. but I think you have answered my problem. thanks ps. I wasn't complaining to spamcop, I was asking for help with my 'perceived' problem, which I now understand from your reply...problem solved...
  2. BigKevSter

    getting spammed to death

    thanks... my address from mailwasher to spamcop, is submit.****************[at]spam.spamcop.net so are you saying that will not get my 53 submissions of spam from mailwasher accepted and a reply for submission in a few minutes?
  3. BigKevSter

    getting spammed to death

    Hi I am referring to using mailwasher pro options to send emails to spamcop for reporting spam. I have to do them manually if I want to keep my reporting time (7hours) it used to be 6 until I started auto report. I reported 53 thru mailwasher and only got 12 acceptances from spamcop, however, now after 30 hours spamcop is inviting me to complete the report. I have left them on my account (paid) for admin to check. I am not complaining it may be mailwasher at fault so yes to your first point and yes it would be too old. and yes to your second point, i get reports with quick (manual) reports. thanks
  4. BigKevSter

    getting spammed to death

    Hi Thanks for the reply. I meant that about 4 email addresses have been bombarded. I understand your reply..thanks Re 12 replies I mean when I report them automatically with mail washer I only got 12 from 53....some of the others are coming in now after 30 hours....sometimes they are up to 2 days. if i could resolve this delayed response time I will continue reporting, but doing 100's by hand is hard work.
  5. BigKevSter

    getting spammed to death

    Hi I have been using spamcop some years now and thanks to all the guys for their hard work. I have always reported spam from all my emails and I have lots of emails. Certain emails have been 'cleaned' over the years but now I am thinking of stopping using spamcop for this reason. on one of my server emails I reported about 4 persistent email spams and was hoping like in the past they would stop, however, I had over 100 in my in box for the last 3 days and I don't have the time to report them all. I know you will say use mailwasher pro to do it automatically but I reported 53 and only got 12 replied to. I find the auto way is not efficient and sometimes I get a reply 2 days later. Question. Has my domain become a target for a spammer/spammerss because I reported them and what should I do ? thanks