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    Is filing reports worth it?

    I've been using SpamCop for a year or two. I file dozens of reports a day ... hundreds in every week. I get pretty tired of it but I remain diligent. Bottom line: Is it really worth it to continue or am I just wasting time? I have no evidence to say it has decreased my spam amounts (obviously) but I want to feel I am making a contribution to get this CR*P off the Net. I am not using a paid subscriber account, btw. Comments?
  2. macuzer

    Is SpamCop reporting "down"?

    No, Miss Betsy, I do not subscribe to the paid component of SpamCop. I am continued to be totally bewildered at what may be happening. I guess it is just "me" based on the number of replies here. I don't know if my free account has been terminated or what. Again, I don't get any bounced back messages that the reporting email address I am using is invalid. Just very weird. I'll go check out the other links that folks have supplied, but this is WAY beyond several hours (which I have experienced all too often). This is now TWO WEEKS.
  3. I've been using SpamCop for years. For the past two weeks I have been forwarding spam to the appropriate address, but I have not received a single piece of email from SPAMCOP to file reports. None of the messages have been returned as undeliverable. Last night I counted over 200 sends that have not yet received a return email. Is SpamCop down? What is happening? It seems so odd to not find anything in my emailbox from SpamCop!!