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  1. I am also unable to send EMAIL using the SC SMTP server and this is SERIOUS as I need to reach out to friends and family from my phone and the ONLY SMTP server I have access to is my SPAMCOP SMTP server. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix this as I need to stay in contact with friends and loved ones. Dan
  2. dan1431

    [Resolved] SMTP Timing Out

    Interestingly, I changed the port to 587 and I am able to send messages once again. Thanks for the advice, Dan
  3. Starting yesterday, I have been unable to use Thunderbird to send emails over the BETA Spamcop SMTP server. I have to save the email as a DRAFT and then send the message from my Webmail account. What happens is that Thunderbird reports back after a period of time that the connection to smtp.cesmail.net has timed out. Is anybody else experiencing this? I checked the announcements and I do not see anything about an outage to the SMTP server. Has something happened/changed to the Spamcop SMTP server? Thanks, Dan