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  1. the client has been whitelisted, and senderbase shows -1% which is good.. this thread can be closed. thanks for the help guys!
  2. we have an exchange server inside our LAN. We dont use Covad mail services. btw i love your quote at the bottem.. hehe So at this point i think i found the problem machine which i took care of about 6 hours ago. Spamcop said they havnt had anymore spam messages come in for close to 20 hours.. should i ask them to delist me now?
  3. its showing 1945% on mine. We have no mail servers by that name.. covad is our ISP for our T1 line.
  4. there was a system on the network that was heavily infected, it has been removed. Theres a good chance it was sending out bogus emails.
  5. it says i have to be a admin of covad to delist. i do not have access to that.. what should i do? their IP is: