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  1. 1000 emails a Day, yes it is correct. A have nearly 200 users. The sentence has changed from "0 hours" to "a short time" and I am delisted now. (I can return to my work tomorrow without been killed). So, when spamcop announce 24 hours, it means 26 hours Thanks for your help Regards Yves
  2. Hello My mail server has been listed yesterday (spamcop and other lists) I tried to de-list my ip but it didn't work. I found the source of spam: an infected PC in my network. After burning and trashing this damn computer, all other spam lists seems to be ok but i am still listed in spamcop. I have waiting the countdown (15 hours, 14 hours... 1 hours) I an now at 0 hours and I am still listed. Is my spam problem solved ? Can I know if spamcop system is still receiving spam from my ip ? A hundred of users will kill me soon if I can't solve that... so... please !!! Regards Yves