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  1. Hello My mail server has been listed yesterday (spamcop and other lists) I tried to de-list my ip but it didn't work. I found the source of spam: an infected PC in my network. After burning and trashing this damn computer, all other spam lists seems to be ok but i am still listed in spamcop. I have waiting the countdown (15 hours, 14 hours... 1 hours) I an now at 0 hours and I am still listed. Is my spam problem solved ? Can I know if spamcop system is still receiving spam from my ip ? A hundred of users will kill me soon if I can't solve that... so... please !!! Regards Yves
  2. 1000 emails a Day, yes it is correct. A have nearly 200 users. The sentence has changed from "0 hours" to "a short time" and I am delisted now. (I can return to my work tomorrow without been killed). So, when spamcop announce 24 hours, it means 26 hours Thanks for your help Regards Yves