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  1. I operate a small business that uses email to communicate with its clients, nothing special here. In order to grow the business I have acquired, (for significant sums), from reputable sources B2B Lists where the sales order states that these are opt in lists for marketing purposes. Our messages are absolutely product based, of good taste, specifically targetted at the receipient and commercially relavent, guess what - on our first e-shot of a 1000 we get spam copped!. I don't understand why! Everyday we receive messages from a whole host of e-marketing companies similar messages and they go on delivering messages day after day or week after week. No I've not subscribed but they keep coming. What does my business have to do to overcome what seems to be arbitary decisions made by organisations who claim to be genuine and not malicious. We are not sending messages of an offensive nature, we are not sending offers to increase sexual prowess, we offer clean simple click to unsubscribe, (none of this get a password first nonsense). Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated.