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    Yes, that is possible, I do not have an official typing diplom, qua typing I am just a layman. Here is a screenshot, so you can type it over errorless yourself! http://www.xs4all.nl/~ctjacobs/Schermafdruk.png Moderator edit: removed image tags
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    It is extremely unlikely that XS4ALL uses my personal laptop, zhaum.xs4all.nl, as a backup for their mailhost without me knowing that :-) Part of the fun of being an XS4ALL user is that you can have your own hostname.
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    I wanted to have both mxdrop25.xs4all.nl and zhaum.xs4all.nl configured as mailhost. This was not a problem. It works. But there would have been a problem had I wanted to configure just one of them and not the other. SpamCop seems to see them as the same mailhost. Is this correct? I would have expected them to be two different mailhosts?