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  1. No longer participating on the forum but still reporting spam to SpamCop.

  2. g4mby

    SpamCop Access and Performance Issues

    Here's my email, received just over two years ago
  3. I've definitely noticed a difference here. Some of the addresses to which spam gets sent are receiving nothing what-so-ever and it's been that way since the Christmas break. The main address that attracts spam is still getting 250+ per day though. Overall I would say my spam levels have decreased but I think it would be wiser to say that there are changes in the way spam is currently being distributed.
  4. g4mby

    New Spamcop Phishing

    These are not new, I've received several over the years. Report it as spam just as you would any other phishing attempt.
  5. g4mby

    [Resolved] New Glitch

    Seems fixed to me. Anyone else seeing this?
  6. mckemie, remove the '*' from your blacklist and whitelist entries, they are not needed. SpamCop is probably treating them literally and not as wildcards. As Telarin has said filters only work when logged into webmail but the blacklist and whitelist always have an affect on incoming mail. I have various Hotmail and Yahoo domains in my blacklist and they are always sent to the held mail folder. The "X-SpamCop-Disposition:" line(s) will tell you why SpamCop has blocked an item of mail. An example recently received: X-SpamCop-Disposition: Blocked SpamAssassin=11 Blacklist yahoo.com.hk Hope that helps.
  7. g4mby

    [Resolved] New Glitch

    I think this problem is getting worse as it's taken me over half an hour to send about six reports. That 'visited' link just won't go away, often taking six or seven tries to clear it and present a new link ready for reporting. It's a good job that most of my spam gets quick reported directly from my mail account otherwise I would have given up sending any reports at all.
  8. No problems here, logged in on two browsers as I have two email accounts. Both working fine.
  9. g4mby

    Is it really doing any good?

    I have quite a few email addresses and a few personal domains that receive varying amounts of spam. My ISP email addresses have almost become spam-free but whether that is due to reporting everything through SpamCop for several years it's impossible to say as reports have also been sent elsewhere. One of my domains used to receive 300+ spams each day. Persistent reporting has reduced that to around 20 each day but I see no sign of it reducing any further. Another domain used to receive about 100 spams each day but that has now increased to about 220 with slightly less at the weekends but the same level of reporting. If you look at what you are reporting you might see some results. Occasionally I get spam that is sent to a an email address that is seldom used anywhere, the advertised web-site looks genuine and the web host is well known. After a few SpamCop reports the spam stops. But the bulk of my spam, especially that which has any association with China or anything that doesn't make reference to a specific website, will continue to be received for a very very long time. Unlike most people here I have seen a reduction in spam over the last year but I have been fighting spam long enough to know that I might see an increase very soon but I don't expect it to ever stop.
  10. g4mby

    [Resolved] New Glitch

    If dra007 isn't saying the same thing then I certainly am. I saw this twice when sending about ten reports. Didn't this happen last time SpamCop was upgraded?
  11. It seems that Hormel have completely redesigned their website. The page you refer to is now at http://www.spam.com/about/internet.aspx.
  12. g4mby

    incorrect url parsing for report

    Rik, the board doesn't seem to want to allow me to quote any of your last post but I am too finding that KnujOn is unresponsive to user feedback. For several months they have been quoting the domains of a number of UK banks who are clearly not spamming but are victims of phish attacks and the subsequent reportsthat have been submitted. Not only are KnujOn unwilling to remove these domains from their lists they are also unwilling to answer any queries regarding the non-appearance of submissions on user reports. I sent several hundred spams to them one weekend and not one of them appeared in my reports. :angry:
  13. g4mby

    incorrect url parsing for report

    But an abuse report is still sent by SpamCop whether an IP is added to the SCBL or not. KnujOn's "No action" means exactly that.
  14. g4mby

    spam, SpamCop, KnujOn and philosophy

    KnujOn doesn't take action on every spam report though. In my case over 67% of the sites that I have reported are shown in my reports as "No action" status. This is disappointing. They also include the domains of several of the UK's major banks in their lists. Despite repeated attempts to get them to remove these domains they continue to feature.
  15. g4mby

    incorrect url parsing for report

    Just be aware that KnujOn may not take action against all the spam that you submit. My latest KnujOn report says that over 67% of all the domains that I have submitted are classified as "No action" taken.
  16. g4mby

    DST change

    I'm in the UK and the time displayed by the forum is the correct local time, I too have the auto setting box checked.
  17. I'm seeing these quite frequently, very annoying as my recent SpamCop reporting seems to have reduced my spam to one domain considerably. To file a report which goes nowhere except adds data to the SCBL is somewhat annoying.
  18. I got about six hundred but they stopped abruptly about five hours ago. Can't see how it's an attack on SpamCop as mine were sent to an account which rather strangely now receives very little spam. The very rapid flow of spam was being received at the rate of two or three a minute at times with SpamCop sending reports to affinity.com but midstream the destination changed to hostway.com and southwebventures.com. I'm sure the IP address remained the same though, i.e. I had sent most of my six hundred reports before the IP appeared on the SCBL. I've just checked and over 53000 reports have been sent regarding this IP address. When I first looked earlier today the figure was only around 1800.
  19. grovellingresist.net and converseexcursion.net are both registered to GO DATA 180 and that may be the name of the company behind the emails. The registrar is Moniker so I would try sending complaints to abuse[at]moniker.com. I can't quite work out the relevance of Gold Hill Computers and Struthers Media as Data102 also come into this. They may have seperate hosts for web and mail of course. Hope that helps a little.
  20. I've had some success with spam such as this. You're right, trying to un-subscribe will do no good at all. Where does SpamCop want to send reports? In my experience SpamCop has wanted to send all reports to the abuse address of a web hosting company. I've sent copies to their support, sales and webmaster addresses with an explanation as to why I was doing that. I also followed up with emails directly to these addresses attaching a copy of the spam and adding a comment about how frequent the spam is. When that has failed I have sent a copy of the spam to the domain registrar. That's what has worked for me and I've seen at least one website become unreachable but as soon as I've stepped up the level of reports the spam has only lasted a few days. Of course, I soon started to get the same type of spam from a different source as no doubt the spammer moved on to a different spam campaign with a fresh list of email addresses and new domains to send spam from. :angry: I'll probably never rid myself of this type of spam completely but at least I'm getting some satisfaction by causing them some inconvenience as I believe I am getting some positive results even though the success is short lived. I don't know this for sure but I think I've seen one spammer move from one web host to another after sending reports in the way I have described. The latest spam of this kind that I'm getting is being sent by nexusmaneuver.com who according to their website are "dedicated to developing creative and impactful marketing solutions that drive strong business results". In other words they send lots of spam!
  21. That would not be the reason that I got 43 of them. They were however sent to my most spammed email address which equates to the address that most of my SpamCop and KnujOn reports relate to.
  22. g4mby

    New Spamcop Phishing

    Remove the spelling and grammar mistakes and it might, just might make this one a little more believable. Like most phishes I receive the originators drastically reduce their rate of success with poorly worded content although the chances of catching out a SpamCop user with this must surely be nil! Even SpamCop is not capitalised correctly.
  23. g4mby

    A Thank-you from PayPal!

    I've had five replies since 1st July, not to SpamCop reports but to phishes sent directly to them. Automated replies of course but at least they are addressed to me by name and all have an individual tracking number so may be some action and/or investigation really does take place. Some replies are immediate but some take several hours to arrive while others get no replies at all. May be in general they prefer a copy of the original e-mail rather than a SpamCop report?
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    My promise to spammers

    And I get upset when I get over 25. The over-size spams are becoming more common. The 105KB spams that you mention first started to arrive here in the Spanish language with a language type header containing "es-pe". Nice and easy to filter out but lately that header has been omitted so they've been getting through to my mailbox. However I've received a few lately that have weighed in at a hefty 500KB. Not nice. Eats up my SpamCop fuel a little too quickly.
  25. g4mby

    Why isn't this IP listed yet????

    That's good to hear as I'm getting a lot of spam from domains registered at Namecheap (an ENOM reseller) and hosted at Versaweb, IP addresses to 252. Domains noted over the past two days are: ageflying.com glasscalf.com nailrims.com roberack.com spinoutline.com swingsetstring.com switchlegging.com The layout of each spam is all to the same format so possibly coming from the same Versaweb client. I say possibly as I occasionally get similarly formatted spam coming from other sources. I've yet to see any of these Versaweb IP addresses listed on the SCBL. I've sent seven SpamCop reports to Versaweb so far today and it's only midday here in the UK. A quick Google shows that I am not alone in receiving these spams. It seems that I share the frustration of the poster of this Versaweb forum post who says that he can't unsubscribe from the spam and that as far as he can tell abuse reports are going unactioned. I don't necessarily agree with everything else that is said in that thread but that post was made over a year ago! May be that algorithm needs a little tweaking to include cases like the above?