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    Report History Requests

    As of 4/6/97, the "24 Hours to 90 Days" dropdown within "View Older Reports" in the report history doesn't do anything in either IE or Firefox but change the URL. 1. Is a fix coming? 2. It would be INCREDIBLY great if there was some way to search within the reports so that I can find out, for example, if I reported you[at]yourdomain.com by mistake, which we've all done on occassion. 3. It would also be pretty nice if we could unreport someone that we reported by mistake, if we realized it "in time" and filed the "unreport" "in time." I am not sure what "in time" should be, but I assume it might be at least as short as 10 or 15 minutes.
  2. svanslyck

    Report History Requests

    Sorry I mean't 2007. How do I move the post? I have never been able to find a "My Account" link or anything where I can change my username.
  3. I've attempted to register a new mailhost. I do get the final confirmation email, but even after a week the mailhost does not show up on my mailhost list. Consequently I cannot submit any spam received at that address. N E Thots, N E 1?
  4. Sorry, I meant "Headers PASTED" - meaning that these were sample headers pasted into the spam reporting page that returned the error. In my original message I did say that I did receive the confirmation email from the mailhosts system. I also received the probe messge. We do have an A record; I am the network administrator. Should I try to register the mailhost again and save the probe message? I've done that two or three times but the mailhost does not show up on my mailhosts page. To edit one's profile, click on your own name, then you will see a link that will allow you to edit your own profile, everthing but the login name.
  5. I have looked through my existing mailhosts. Neither of the two of them is the same as the new one I am trying to set up. The recipient domain is mail.stonehenge-company.com I even tried to past headers directly and still got the No Source IP Address Found, Cannot Proceed (whatever that means). . . . . Oh, also note, I am /not/ receingb email notification of replies. Headers posted: Return-path: <donotreply[at]ncfmail8.com> Received: from vw1.forevermail.com [] by mail.stonehenge-company.com; Wed, 09 Aug 2006 02:17:18 -0400 Received: from [] (HELO changeme.ncfmail8.com) by vw1.forevermail.com (8.12.10/8.11.5) via ESMTP id <k796KXST026283-donotreply[at]ncfmail8.com> for <hr[at]acct.promail.com>; Wed, 9 Aug 2006 02:20:34 -0400 Received: (qmail 6099 invoked by uid 48); 9 Aug 2006 05:59:07 -0500 Date: 9 Aug 2006 05:59:07 -0500 To: hr[at]acct.promail.com Subject: Columbus Job Fair MIME-Version: 1.0 From: "National Career Fairs" <donotreply[at]ncfmail8.com> X-mid: aHJAYWNjdC5wcm9tYWlsLmNvbQ== Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary="=_40afdb75030fe10e883cefcaf2bf113d" Message-ID: <j3q96j.3dswl8[at]ncfmail8.com> --=_40afdb75030fe10e883cefcaf2bf113d Content-Type: text/plain; charset="ISO-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit PLEASE DO NOT REPLY DIRECTLY TO THIS MESSAGE, SEND ALL EMAIL INQUIRIES TO kevin[at]nationalcareerfairs.com blah blah blah blah blah . . . . Oh, also note, I am /not/ receingb email notification of replies. There is no place place to change the user name (not that I've been able to find anyway). Why do you think I have more than one account?
  6. svanslyck

    DNS Issues

    Of course I read it. It was not clear to me.
  7. svanslyck

    DNS Issues

    Is the problem with Akami, nameservices, or somewhere else? Seems to me it would be good to know that first given their good history so far.
  8. svanslyck

    attaching photos

    I have the same problem with attachments. Whether using IE or Mozilla for the webmail service I've rarely been able to send an attachment reliably. I don't know what might be causing the problem. I do get the message/dialog/prompt which says I've sent the attachment. In fact, I send a test attachment to service[at]spamcop.net and was advised that it came through! I do not have this problem using the Mozilla (Netscape) e-mail client, just the web interface; and it appears to happen both from home and from work. I'm communicating with users at all levels, so I can't believe none of them know who to discern whether they are receiving an attachment or not. I'm quite baffeled. Would be willing to do a test with someone, perhaps someone who has both Outlook, OE, and some other client whereby we could see if that made any difference.
  9. svanslyck

    Reporting site down?

    I cannot get to the held mail page either through the web or through the webmail site. I get a password request twice and when it does come up all I get is text of the following html: <html><head><meta HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" CONTENT="0; URL=http://www.spamcop.net/denied.shtml"></head><body><h1>401 - Authorization Required</h1><a href="http://www.spamcop.net/subscrib
  10. svanslyck

    Problems With Cookie Log-In

    I have tried the various advanced login methods for spam reporting. The one-month option option does not work. I am logged out immediately on closing the browser. All the other options work as expected (except for one-year, which I have not tried out).
  11. svanslyck

    Mailhost failures

    Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do next? =========Original Message========= Hello SpamCop user, Sorry, but SpamCop has encountered errors: Sorry, source IP not found. Your email host does not appear to correctly identify the sending IP of the email you recieve. The last address identified by your mail host was (). This does not appear to be a spamcop.net address. If you feel this is in error, please try again or seek help in the SpamCop help forum: <http://www.spamcop.net/help.shtml> Please do not respond to this email (replies are ignored). If you need help, please consult the SpamCop website ( <http://www.spamcop.net/> ).
  12. What does that mean? What is a parse? How do we check them?
  13. svanslyck

    Mailhost failures

    I appreciate the replies. It would be nice if the board setting, "Send a confirmation email when I receive a new private message" worked for me. I have had it enabled since my first post and I have never received a notification that someone has replied to my posts.
  14. Viruses are now being increasingly distributed by spam. But spamcop still (I think) refuses to process these messages. They are spam, but because they contain a virus they are not treated as such. I suggest we allow spammed viruses to be reported, and done so even more agressively than just the plain old plain old spam. I do not read the forums but I will respond to any feedback send to me at s.vanslyck[at]spamcop.net
  15. svanslyck


    It is hardly helpful to have the Report spam page tell us that "The knowledgeable and adventurous may give [the new Mailhosts system] a try. But most users should not, until the system is more stable," and then, when we look over the Mailhosts page to learn more we find out that "For users using their SpamCop email exclusively, the process is even easier - it is already done (visiting this page has activated it!)."
  16. svanslyck


    The Mailhosts instructions asks, "Do you understand and agree to all of the above?" These should be separate questions. At the outset, the pages should explain clearly what is meant by a mail account. I know what the words mean to me, but I have no idea what the real intent is? Are they talking about POP accounts? SMTP accounts? Accounts spamcop POPs? What???