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  1. Hi there, I thought i would share what i found... its certainly not new but i when i was looking for an addin for outlook so i could report stuff to spamcop i found old addins that didn't seem to work with office 2007 or other addins which were not free.. Anyway found this http://www.daesoft.com/SpamSource/index.htm I installed it and you need to configure it through tools, options ... specifically stating that msg headers should be sent as a ATTACHMENT and also adding the email address of spamcop ... and stating that you are able to send multiple reports in 1 single email... if you don't enter a spamcop reporting email you get this crazy error... Anyway it works great....!! really nice.. I am nothing to do with spamsource but thought i would place the info here as it is free and works... so i thought others may benefit ... i know i did.. NOW! if i could only find a plugin to obtain the registrar abuse email so i could automatically send abuse to them to about a domain.. which spamcop / spamsource don't support Ian