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  1. my blessed ISP has introduced spam filtering rules in the pop server. 75% of my spam I can no longer quick report as I can't get it out of my system through the ISP's pop server. apart from the obviousness of it being flooded by hackers trying to put it out of commission .... can we get a spamcop pop server to send spamcop quick reports and/or report submissions to that are accessible direct from my computer without going through the ISP pop server ? (only [at]spam.spamcop.net emails accepted) (username/password too?) I could put a mail exchanger server on my little system here, but that would be technically against ISP rule, no servers. with a heap of spam, i'm starting to lag with the time it takes to copy paste data and waiting for spamcop screens to load.
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    5.7.1 URLs listed in multi.surbl.org

    sorry, half asleep I meant the outgoing SMTP server.
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    http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z2514297968zb...02386c49e7f335z these russian emails will nearly always come up with a blank line on the processing page. the link obfuscation will sometimes work quickly with an F5 sometimes 40 F5's are needed sometimes won't work at all if the web address is pasted in to SpamCop on it's own, it always processes straight away thinking this is a SpamCop processing glitch that needs fixing. (wouldn't have found this if good old OptusNet hadn't started 5.7.1 failing my quick submit entries. now I gots to manually do 75% of my spam again. bugga)
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    I don't mind getting bitten, again. if I paste just the .chat.ru web page into the reporting box, all on it's own, spamcop will spit up yuri's email address instantly. every time. why does the resolving link obfuscation routine sometimes manage it, but mostly not manage it. If i get 100 emails, I'd like to just quick.report them. I'd like to think I can trust spamcop to report the offending IP addresses that sent the email. and the .chat.ru resolves easily, so send yuri an email too. Do I then havet o go through 100 spamcop reports to check which ones also need manually sending to yuri ?
  5. http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z2514250194ze...39e6adf0435228z the chinese are using some tricky '404' error message type links where the web page quoted doesn't exist, it will chain back to the parent domain, which works, and up comes the spam site. so there is no link resolution, and therefore no reporting to anyone. the frst link, http://sha.hatherx.cn/ , doesn't resolve but if that's pasted in to a URL processor, http://weightlosscheap.net/ pops up after a sec. so something is getting through.
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    thanx for all the pointers. can I point out, that the issue raised in the opening section of this thread has not been addressed by anyone. the resolving of the link obfuscation ... should yield a result, or show a failure, in red. showing nothing is a bug. my point, that after a re-fresh it sometimes does show, means it can do it. why is it that it is NOT doing it. many have said it is nice to send reports to those responsible for tha spam web sites. without the resolution of the web page and providing the links to send reports to, this part of the deal fails. so, without sending me back to the FAQs on what and why SpamCop likes to do, can someone explain the bug where it is not doing what it tries to do ?
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    I figured as long as Yuri's inbox is getting lots of official SC emails he might actually do something. should I accept that I am fighting the open relays and not also the web sites, where possible ?
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    this ones different the link resolution does NOT report failure it shows nothing, as shown in the quote section at the top. yet the web address on it's own ALWAYS shows details. the chines ones clearly showed the red warning about failure to locate source IP whatsys. the .chat.ru always work. this one only took 3 F5's yet it didn't come up with yuri's email to post to. odd. that's a new first.
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    spam using '404' call backs ?

    still took me 5 mins to find that obiovus thing you were pointing at. very tired. but yeh, this is for reporting the origin of the spam not all the links in the spam body. hard to wade through the (sudden;y) 40+ emails a day for the special chinese ones.