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    Reporting setup

    Oh No! I think I've been bouncing mail ever since I got Mailwasher! They do not make the consequences blatantly obvious to those of us with little knowledge. Bounce is now disabled and I will leave Wiki and quick reporting well alone. Thank you for your clear concise instructions. Exactly what I and I daresay other beginners need. [moderator edit - split from http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?...ost&p=69666 ]
  2. maryann

    Reporting setup

    I will leave the quick reporting well alone as I do not understand the headers. No I'm not okay with the mailhosting setup and not sure about the 'full' reports and I would really appreciate some guidance please. Perhaps someone like me (who, I think, has just replied to her own post rathter than to Miss Betsy) should not be using spamcop? However, with help I would like to perservere as I find spam an unacceptable intrusion. Thank you for taking the time to reply.
  3. maryann

    Direct reporting with Mailwasher

    I am new to this and very confused - can someone tell me how to access the MailWasher Wiki for guidance on how to set up Quick Reporting. Also, can someone confirm whether the 'bounce' feature should be on or off in mailwasher. Thank you.