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    Phishing For Webmail

    Do we have any info on what is the trojan, so we can find if our antivirus is ready for it? I changed my password a couple of weeks ago, when I thought the last login time and node looked fishy. But my "antivir" has still not found any problem since then... and I haven't noticed a recurrence. --Richard
  2. If a server has mail hosts like mail1.opentransfer.com, mail2.opentransfer.com... mail47.opentransfer.com... Does that main I need 47 separate entries in mailhosts? and maintain it every time they modify the configuration? Seems it must be in the FAQ but 'search' didn't find it... tx Richard
  3. Too bad it went this way... if instead of selling out to IronPort, Spamcop had decided to fund itself via whitehat ISPs chipping in. It could have become essentially an association of ISP members... dedicated to the spam issue. Think how things might have gone... ;-) "Spamcop Member" could be a hallmark of a spam-unfriendly ISP, a brand recognized by spam-hating end users. The ISP might pay a few hundred to thousands a year, to fund real improvements and a tight coordinated process, and we'd have some insight into what is actually happening. As far as PR for Spamcop and ISP cooperation... ISPs might be falling all over themselves to match the competition and join... and bring what they do or don't do into the open. Instead it APPEARS to be a system where everybody MIGHT have a vested interest in the problem NOT being solved ... except the hardy volunteers ... and the customers... --- oh well ;-)
  4. My ISP was swallowed again, Inter.Net Canada swallowed by Uniserve. At least an annual event... it seems. AFAIK Uniserve is no more spam friendly than Inter.Net, but ... maybe dumber ;-). They now refuse to forward my email to my spamcop account. The "IT department" says that causes their IP address to be blocked. They profess to believe that 1) - a single spam report can block "all of Inter.Net" 2) - if inter.net appears in the relay path, spamcop will "believe" inter.net is the source of the spam and block inter.net. I explained it don't work that way. No headway ... I said you have to talk to spamcop if there's any IP blockage based on a bad report. They seem to think the process doesn't work, some vague reasoning. What I DIDN'T say is that if they stop forwarding, I can just pop it from here... I just mention this ... does spamcop have a PR program to establish and maintain relationships with ISPs?? Can you talk to Uniserve?? --Richard
  5. rcurzon

    Webmail slow using Firefox?

    Further things I noticed: in the corporate env, behind proxy and firewall and who knows what... FF is much slower than IE. The proxy settings were "auto detect" for both browsers. At home, ordinary DSL setup with wireless router, FF and IE are pretty much the same. java scri_pt was enabled in all cases. Maybe the auto-detect is simply inefficient in FF?? whatever...
  6. rcurzon

    Webmail slow using Firefox?

    Just started using Firefox "part time" due to some internal corporate issues using IE. I was watching for the alledged slowness, but didn't notice anything much, FF seemed acceptable for speed. Until I try spamcop webmail. Just roughly measured IE vs FF, seconds to display inbox after login, IE=11 and FF=30. Is that a known issue?? thanks Richard <Moderator edit: this post was merged here from a former separate thread. Poster notified via PM.>
  7. rcurzon

    Ongoing stripping of attachments

    Here's a header of one from a few minutes ago today: Received: from ip- (ip- []) by webmail.spamcop.net (Horde) with HTTP for <rcurzon[at]spamcop.net[at]cesmail.net>; Sun, 16 Jul 2006 17:24:17 -0400 Message-ID: <20060716172417.07ogkg0c4kc0scwo[at]webmail.spamcop.net> Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2006 17:24:17 -0400 From: rcurzon[at]spamcop.net To: Nancy Curzon <ncurzon[at]muchoswing.com> Subject: gamecube photos MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="ISO-8859-1" Content-Disposition: inline Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit User-Agent: Internet Messaging Program (IMP) 4.0-cvs Gamecube photos ==== The photos appeared in the attachments list when I pushed send. My workaround I reported here last month of clicking Refresh Attachments didn't help, and it hasn't helped in other cases today. Today I tried sending 3 emails with attachments, all of them arrived without attachments. Also, they show up in my sent folder without attachments. I haven't really tried it since the last time it failed and I reported it here, don't do a lot of attachments. R
  8. Looks like some of the same symptoms. Of all the aspects of a 2MB limit... I vote the one that truly blows most ;-) .... is to simply blow up with navigation errors ... when you try to do anything with an incoming file! ... is there any maintenance at all happening to improve the system?? just wondering... But the mail system DOES actually accept the large message... I am allowed to redirect it to another account... where I retrieve the attachment. Maybe the admin did that in preference to simply dropping the attachment... and thereby opened up the error behavior. I'd agree that's better, if nothing else could be done ;-(. tx Richard
  9. IE shows "Page cannot be displayed 64- host not available" when I click on "Forward". I thought the accented characters in an attachment might be the problem, here's the attachment presentation... --- Part(s): [spkr icon] 2 536062311-10- Asere qué bolá.mp3 [audio/mpeg] 6,741 KB [dl icon] [zip icon] Download All Attachments (in .zip file) --- I CAN redirect the email but not forward it. The reason I thought it might be about the attachment name is... all the other actions with the attachment also fail... I can't click on the dl icon, the zip icon, or the Download all attachments hyperlink. All of them give me the same error 64 as the forward. I know Spamcop has the ancient 2 MB limit on uploads, but AFAIK that isn't an issue with incoming mail, right? tx for any tips Richard
  10. After a while, the official spam story rings a bit hollow ... more of a punch-and-judy show... behind which people must have real, other reasons for doing what they do. How come nobody asks some questions, like: 1- What really happens between the whitehats and blackhats. Where spam friends meet spam enemies, what happens? We do hear about dramatic cops and robbers aspects of spam. We do hear about the badboys and what they do, how they behave. Just like the cocaine kings or other gangsters. But, this bad-boy underground image of spam we constantly see is clearly false. spam is always visible, and controllable unlike most other crimes... yet, over time, it is not controlled. spam moves from spam-friendly systems like comcast etc, to spam-unfriendly systems, people on both sides of the divide can watch the flow anytime they like. People from one side must sit and talk with people from the other side constantly. They have to arrange the feeds, technology, upgrades, cost sharing... and more and more parameters must be agreed as technology get more sophisticated. This is not like cocaine deals in the dead of night that nobody can see. We can't be expected to believe the topic never comes up when yahoo sits and talks with comcast.... That yahoo is happy to be paying the costs while comcast makes the money. Is there a cost accomodation being made we don't hear about? 2- The game: why is it not always changing E.g. Spamcop has rules that spam IPs get blackholed for 24 hours, or whatever it is. Spammers soon automate their process around this: spew from an IP til it shows up on the BL, then sleep for 24 hours, then spew. It just points out, whatever the game is, it should change constantly. Isn't Ironport in effect being spam-friendly by being so easy to work against? If an IP is blacklisted every 23 hours, why isn't it blacklisted for a week after meeting a threshold, with further escalation after that?
  11. Just wondering... when this happens... ... is it because some spammer has successfully used a spamcop account for a spamcast? tx --R
  12. rcurzon

    Filter based on a blocklist?

    Another idea... I have a couple of POP3 servers that forward email to spamcop. Now if I cancel that forwarding, and instead configure horde mail to go get it. Options | Tools : "Enter the POP server you would like checked" Then in effect the block list is applied... when I log in? Or when, how often? That'd be great, but not sure if the timing would be much different. -R
  13. rcurzon

    Filter based on a blocklist?

    That's interesting... is there a way to do that with a lot of work... get the spamcop blocklist myself apply it to my mail client inbox? tx Richard
  14. rcurzon

    Filter based on a blocklist?

    ;-) Not unless they had a delay in delivering mail... There must be ISPs who delay filling the inbox by a bit to give spam reports a bit of time to come through? That'd be cool: let everything on the whitelist thru right away, but hold the other stuff pending spam reports. Still, the most responsible and efficient setup seems to me, let me use the blocklist somehow in my own filtering. --R