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    Network Solutons/Web.com blockage

    Thanks, Steve -- I guess the Congress and the D.C. City Council have no fear of Hormel! On the subject of my earlier post, it would seem that, unfortunately, the federal Communications Decency Act immunizes ISPs from suit under statutes like that of D.C. See, e.g., Beyond Systems, Inc. v. Keynetics, Inc., 422 F. Supp. 2d 523, 536 (D. Md. 2006). A bloody shame.
  2. rmehle

    Network Solutons/Web.com blockage

    The amount of spam that I have received originating from Web.com's servers in the past month is unbelievable -- about one a business day. They have all been either arrantly fraudulent -- as if from, to name a few, Wal-Mart, LinkedIn, Facebook, the Better Better Business Bureau, UPS, a "radiology clinic," and today's latest, GreetingBee, a "seasonal" fraud -- or with subject lines such as "Hi" or "With best wishes" and containing nothing but embedded links to god-knows-what. (I never click on them.) Moreover, I have not received a single piece of spam during this time via another ISP. I have reported every one of these e-mails to Web.com through SpamCop, to no apparent avail; the spam continues unabated. This makes me suspicious that Web.com is knowingly selling its services to spam operations. With the company having acquired Network Solutions late last year, I can only wonder if there is some kind of connection, as NS -- through which our law firm's domain name is registered -- is integrated into Web.com's corporate structure. Indeed, as I attempted to reply to an e-mail from an associate yesterday, Verizon blocked the e-mail as spam, apparently a consequence of Network Solution's now being on a Verizon blocking list! (See also http://supportem.com/blog/707/blocked-emai...work-solutions/, the motivation for the first comment in this chain.) My next step will be to send a letter to Web.com's CEO, David Brown (see http://www.jaxdailyrecord.com/showstory.php?Story_id=537689), informing him of this situation -- if, unbelievably, he isn't already aware of it. I will also point out that Washington, D.C., where we are located, has a statute, the "spam Deterrence Act of 2008," that provides a $500-per-spam-e-mail penalty applicable to ISPs that host spam. Several other jurisdictions have similar laws that give private rights of action -- unlike the federal "Can-spam Act of 2003," which permits its enforcement only by the Federal Trade Commission. [Note to SpamCop Admin: For some reason, the word "spam" by itself cannot be given an initial capital letter in these posts.] I would be interested if any other SpamCop user has had similar experiences with spam from Web.com.
  3. rmehle

    Held Mail (VER) tab not working

    I have the identical problem that Nick M. describes above: starting yesterday, clicking on the link in my (daily) SpamCop "Held Mail Report" (<http://mailsc.spamcop.net/reportheld?action=heldlog>) produced the usual prefilled user name/password window (from FireFox 2.0.20). Submitting them, however, did not log me in, but produced the SC "heldlog" page showing only the SC banner and tabs and the message "Cannot find login information. Not logged in?" I had to log in manually from there. (I should add that now I'm not even getting the prefilled login window when I click on the "heldlog" link, but am taken directly to the error page!?) At first I thought it was a problem with my browser, but, as Nick said, "Thank goodness it's not just me." I'm assuming that with these posts SC will fix the problem in due course.